Are You An Adult?


Life is a funny thing. Funny in that you can sit and you can contemplate age, complain about the year you are in, the obstacles holding you back. But no matter what you do, who you talk to, or how hard you think about things, life moves on. You age.

Whether you hide under the covers for ever and evers, you will age. Whether you drink a gallon of apple cider vinegar (because some people think that is the cure to all…), you will age. Whether you worry about tomorrow or enjoy the present, you will age.

Soon, the word “teen” becomes a thing of the past and you are suddenly a “legal” adult. But the question is: are you a real adult?

1. You use the phrase “full-time” when explaining what you do with your daily life.

to do list.gif

2. Naps are freaking glorious.



naps friends

3. Clean laundry excites you.

clean laundry.gif

4. Bills are a thing.

poor acount balance money

5. Taking off your makeup is the highlight of your day.

washing face

6. You take full advantage of freebies whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Candy lucy

7. Paychecks don’t bring you joy because you’re buying stuff you need, not want. And that’s just depressing.

I want candy

We asked for this. We’ve asked for this since the moment our mother told us “you can, when you’re older.”

We wanted to be older. We wanted to be in charge of our life and our bank account and what we eat, or don’t eat.

We wanted candy for dinner. And to buy that puppy. And to get this pierced and that tattooed.

Now we’re adults, with car payments and cavities and chewed up furniture, and we’re living the dream.


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