When She Goes From ‘Just Friend’ to ‘Best Friend For Life, And Like, Forever’

After so much time spent with one human—exclusively—a line is crossed.

___________________ ←←← Here is a depiction of the line you cross. Visuals are helpful.

This line determines best-friendship. The type of friendship that has no boundaries, no secrets. The type of friendship that is poop comfortably at their house friendship. The type of friendship that means the family dog doesn’t even bark when you enter the backdoor (or from a window).

Do you think you and your best friend are… there? Let’s see.

1. You can communicate with just one look.

best fiend giggle

2. You get in the stupidest arguments.

I'm crazier

3. You trust her with your life.


4. It’s an unspoken fact that, separate, you’re the two most awesome people in the world—and it’s basically multiplied by a thousand when you’re together.

coolsville best friend

5. You tend to share the same moods, at the same time—in a borderline creepy way.


6. She’s your person.

best friend

7. She’s experienced your obnoxious side.


8. Quickly followed by you, experiencing her “shut up and leave me alone before I fork you in the eye—but know I still love you” side.


run away 2

8. You know never to ask her a question you don’t want the answer to.


9. You cheer each other up when you’re down.

best friend weirdo

10. And give the best pep talks in a pinch.

Best friends pep talk

11. You support each other.

best friend support

12. You know each other inside and out.

Best friends 2

13. You know which kitchen cabinet has the non-fancy spoons, versus the spoons we only use when the Queen comes calling.


The truth is, if you’ve found yourself a best friend, don’t let them go. Hold onto them. Tie them up. Keep them chained in your downstairs basement.

That’s what I would do.

– For Amy


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