Reasons To Love Blair Waldorf

Reasons To Love Blair Waldorf Rebekah Koontz lifestyle blogger gossip girl fangirl fan what would blair waldorf do

I recently finished the Gossip Girl series on Netflix, and like any Netflix junkie who cannot cope with the stress of finding a new show to watch, I simply went back to season one and started again.

Not to worry. There will be NO spoilers given.

I, like any faithful brunette who feels for those who are constantly over-shadowed by the bombshell blonde, have a soft spot in my heart for Blair Waldorf, and rightly so. She is an incredible, fictional, girl-who-I-please-want-as-a-best-friend, real to me!, human being. And I love her for many reasons.

Blair Gets Stuff DONE.

No matter what the circumstance, if Blair wants something, she doesn’t let anything get in her way. She has connections. She has tact. She is driven by this unceasing force of energy, gossip, and Prada bags that keeps her moving, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

blair w

She Marches To Her Own Drum.

Blair makes her own opinions about people, fashion, and society. She doesn’t go by what others say, and she doesn’t let anyone sway her. She investigates and makes her own assessment.


Once You Win Her Over, She’ll Be One Of The Best Friends You Can Ask For.

Blair can be rough around the edges, but that weeds out those who won’t push her to grow. When she’s your friend, she’s the most committed and kind, and easy to please with the smallest thoughtful acts. You can’t help but love her for this.

blair and serena


The Way She Represents Brunettes Everywhere!

Blair struggles under the shadow of her gorgeous blonde friend, Serena, but this doesn’t dull my happiness that a brunette is the face of beauty for once!

giggle laugh squeal

Blair Is A Hard Worker.

She’ll smile and clip clop her way around in dainty designer heels, but when it comes to working hard, she’s the top at her game.

sleep is for the week

Blair Has Class.

She won’t reduce herself to bad language or parking lot brawls. She settles disputes over morning brunch—and with a polished smile. Her idol is Audrey Hepburn, do we expect any less?

audrey hepburn sunglasses smirk

Her Wardrobe.

Some of Blair’s outfit choices can be a bit extravagant for, say, a Friday morning, but there is no denying. Blair Waldorf has the best wardrobe known to fictional characters—and always the bag and shoes to match.


money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop

Really, the reason we all love Blair Waldorf is because we all want to BE Blair Waldorf, and why wouldn’t we?

I didn’t even mention Chuck Bass yet.


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20 thoughts on “Reasons To Love Blair Waldorf

  1. I really enjoyed reading this, this was a really good representation of her character. I totally agree about Blair representing the brunettes! I agree they always make blondes overshadowing them, although when it originally began I used to love Serena but by the end of the first season I found her really annoying and I was like nahhh Blair all the way! And she definitely had the best outfits as well, they seemed to get more vibrant as the seasons went on which I loved, and also her wedding dress when she married Chuck just a dream!


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    1. It’s so funny. The first time I watched Gossip Girl, Serena didn’t bother me. This second time I’m watching it, Serena annoys me too!! Haha. I think it’s so much easier to understand Blair who MUST CONTROL EVERYTHING while Serena just mopes around murmuring how she ‘must find herself’.


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