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California can’t seem to get her act together when it comes to the weather.

You’re hot and you’re cold, you’re yes and you’re no.

One day, you’re shivering outside your car, jogging to create heat and cursing your fingers for not retrieving your keys from your bag fast enough, and the next, you’re slathering aloe vera on your forearms, wondering: who the heck gets sunburned on their forearms?

7 pockets croppedBut no. I stand firm. It is spring. I shall treat it as such.

When eShakti contacted me to pick a dress and write a review, (after asking for the opinion of everyone I knew and torturing myself with the decision for days) I chose a blue print high-low sundress.

I love to run in it.

You know in the Twilight movies when the vampires run and they look mystical and glorious with their hair flown back and their long trench coats flapping in slow motion behind them? That’s how I feel when I run in this dress.

I found myself running just to run!

Until pastor’s wife gave me a stern look and said, “we walk in the sanctuary, Miss Koontz.”

FITThe dress came fitted to my exact measurements (smallish, female adult, earthling type), which is awesome for someone who is often forced to shop in the girl’s section of Walmart.

*Twitches.* Purple butterflies and rhinestones. *Twitches. Looks at you, eyes-wide, crazed expression.* Purple butterflies, in the girl’s section. They’re EVERYWHERE. *Grabs a fistful of your collar and rasps in your ear.* Run…


5 chest

1 Hem

CUSTOMIZEDThe coolest part of eShakti is being able to customize the dress to your liking. You can choose the type of sleeve, collar, hem length, and whether or not you want pockets.


I also lowered the neckline to a deeper V (scandalous) and lowered the hem to knee length.

The one downside to this particular dress is that it’s dry clean. Though, according to the homemaker goddess, Martha Stewart, there are ways around that.

I was complimented quite a bit in this dress. It was comfortable to wear all day, and because the skirt is so full, I don’t have to worry about pulling a Merlyn Monroe with the slightest breeze.

4 eyes leaves

3 brown eyes

9 pose

1 laugh

Thumbs up. Highly recommend.


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* This product was sent to me to review. All opinions are my own. 
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