10 Ways To Offend Your Friend Before The Day Is Up

10 ways to offend your friend before the day is up humor funny

Sadly, this post was inspired by real life events.

My friends (*cough* friend… just one) have had the unfortunate circumstance of being victim of my… not-so-subtle comments.

And all this happened before the clock struck 11am.

#1. Watch as they indulge in their favorite food, clear your throat and ask, “So…”


#2. Correct their table manners as if they were your child.

motherly she's the man eating chewing lady like

#3. Point out when they’re wrong, obnoxiously, in front of everyone.


#4. Tell them, without tact, that their foundation doesn’t match their skin color.

Your face it's bad ugly insult

#5. Fail at a pep talk.

You're ugly

#6. Ask if they forgot to brush their teeth/shower today.

you smell funny

#7. Criticize their choice in boyfriend.

he's a deadbeat critizise boyfriend insult

#8. Ever-so-lightly question their intelligence.

what would you do with a brain if you had one dorothy

#9. Tell them they’re being unnecessarily sensitive.


#10. And let us not forget the timeless, “is that what you’re wearing?” question.

go change your clothes

Dear Amy, sorry for the things I said before I had my morning coffee.

Thank you for staying my friend.


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