For The Love Of Pizza


The first kiss bite.

Teeth sinking deep into soft doughy crust, a slight crunch on the finish.

Now, the cheese. Ooh.

The cheese is the best part. Warm, savory, salty, sensual. The slight tang of tomato sauce seeps out and explodes flavors of garlic and oregano across your palate.

The way you adorn your pizza changes everything.

Spice it up with a few thin slices of pepperoni. Hot. Singed. Baked until they rise from the cheese ever-so-slightly and go brown and crispy around the edges. Mm.

Sweeten it with some grilled chicken drizzled with barbecue sauce.

Crispy onions. Bell peppers. Love and affection. Mushrooms. Spinach.

Zesty pineapple chunks and ribbons of ham.

Pizza understands and appreciates you, who you are, how hard you work, how you just need to feel wanted.

Pizza will fill that space in your heart on Valentines Day.

Pizza will be whatever you need it to be: hot and steamy at dinner, cool and comfortable the next morning, dipped in dressing, pulled apart, sprinkled with garlic powder, or stuffed with cheese.

No food will get you like pizza gets you—except for maybe potatoes (any kind). And sour cream. And hot chocolate lava cakes topped with vanilla bean ice cream and fudge.

Pizza contains two of God’s most precious gifts to mankind: bread and cheese.

Pizza is perfect for any occasion: parties, dinner dates, weddings, funerals, quinceaneras.

Pizza never goes to your hips.

Pizza is the food that loves you back.

Pizza can be stringy and playful on the first date and a solid foundation for a lifetime of bliss. Pizza isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

Pizza, will you be my Valentine?

God bless pizza.



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6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Pizza

  1. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been so seduced by a blog post. It had me at hello, and I don’t even think pizza said it. What struck me was the title. A while ago I had a post called “For Pizza” and I think the first line was like “What would you do for the ones you love?” Haha great minds/stomachs….

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