How To Stop Overthinking

It has come to my attention that I overthink things. A lot of things.

Okay. Not really my attention, but my friend’s attention, who has now took it upon himself to ‘break me’ of my nasty little thinking habit, much as you would a dog who tinkles on the carpet. I believe he will be buying a squirt gun and a roll of newspaper next. 

Do I think I’m an over thinker? Yes. Do I consider it a problem?

I’ve been thinking about that.

In my defense, has any wrong come from thinking? No one ever asked Einstein, Edison, or Newton to think less. And what if they did? Where would we be today?

What would you do every Sunday without my glorious words filling up your computer screen?

I just blew your mind, huh?

So I’m supposed to just stop overthinking, that’s how my friend put it.


Telling an over thinker to stop overthinking is like shouting at a running faucet to stop gushing.


Now I lay awake at night, overthinking about my overthinking. Does it bother him THAT much? Will he stop being my friend over this? How in the world do I stop overthinking? Should I write a blog post about this? If I write a blog post will that let everyone know how much of a freak I really am? Or will they find me cute and relatable?

How long will it be until my readers no longer find me cute and relatable? What if they think I’m boring? Then what will I do? Will I continue writing? Maybe I’ll live in a cardboard box. I could decorate it with fuzzy rainbow pom poms and shag carpet. Shag carpet makes me think of Scooby Do. 


Jeez, I was thinking about overthinking, who brought up Scooby Do? Maybe I’m A.D.D.

DUDE, what if I’m A.D.D?! That would explain so much.

Okay. Stop thinking and just write the post. You’re more than qualified to give life advice in this area.

How To Stop Overthinking

1. Live in complete chaos.


2. Never sit down, ever.


3. Distract yourself by holding your breath until you pass out.


4. Pass out.pass-out

5. Have someone hit you over the head with a club so that you pass out, preferably someone as cute as this angry pony.


6. Have someone hypnotize you to forget that you were hit with a club—before you begin overthinking why your best friend was so willing to knock you out.


Yes, I’m an over thinker, from career choices to relationships to how many gifs I’m allowed to use in one blog post, I’ve thought of it all. I like to think. It keeps me quiet, which in turn keeps me from saying a lot of stupid things.

What I need to be broken of is my inability to let things go. So many things are out of my control and I have to accept that. People speak and act without consideration of other’s feelings. Sometimes, they stop trying and I can’t try for them. Friendships give up. Mistakes are made.

My thinking won’t change anything that has already happened. All I can do is control how I react to it. And I can’t hide behind my thoughts.

After a while, it’ll be time for me to stop thinking and start living life.

I wonder if my friend will ever read this post… I wonder if he’ll know I’m talking about him. I wonder if he anticipated that I would overthink why he told me, “you need to stop overthinking.” 


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7 thoughts on “How To Stop Overthinking

  1. Great, thanks Rebekah. Now you have me sitting here thinking about myself overthinking things and overthinking whether or not thinking this way is counterproductive to thinking like a non-overthinker. What do you think? Actually, don’t answer that.

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  2. The best way to stop overthinking is to start acting. Make the decision and move on to the next item. You only are overthinking if you constantly flip-flop or have become paralyzed to inactivity due to the inability to make a decision

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