Caves & Christmas | VLOGMAS #24


What family explores caves on Christmas Eve? The same kind that opens presents at midnight and rushes to church with red mud still caked to their shoes.

That family’d be us.

I hope everyone enjoyed Vlogmas this year! It was hard and crazy, but I feel so accomplished uploading my LAST VIDEO OF THE YEAR. Thank you to all who have watched and all who were patient enough to be filmed this month! Virtual hugs all around. Time to welcome 2017.


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One thought on “Caves & Christmas | VLOGMAS #24

  1. So sad this is over haha. The world needs more people like you and your family, that’s what I learned from all of us. Also, you should do a vlogmas for every holiday of the year. Valenvlogs Day, Vleaster, Hallowvlog etc. Or even just days of the week like Vlogurday. If not, you better do this again next Christmas! The videos always put me in a good mood if I was having a bad day. So, thanks for that.


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