13 Things To Be Thankful For — VLOGMAS #1


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Oh yes. Vlogmas is back, my friends.

Oh no. You are not dreaming. I have decided to sequester myself for 24 days—yet again—to bring you top-notch, high quality, chuckle-inducing vlogs until Christmas. I’m not giving to any charity this year because, without a doubt, doing these vlogs is sufficient enough. Sometimes I just give and I give… You’re welcome.


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4 thoughts on “13 Things To Be Thankful For — VLOGMAS #1

  1. 1. Your family’s reaction was the greatest ahaha

    2. At the 3:55 mark I sat up and thought to myself, “I wonder if she’s gonna mention me in this video. She probably will, she will, she will, nah she won’t, she won’t…” AND THEN ONE MINUTE AND ONE SECOND LATER, THERE WAS MY SHOUTOUT! Can’t wait to hear the gravelly voice! (In any other context, that would be creepy).

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