Blues Song From A Dog Rejected


While camping in our motorhome over Thanksgiving week, our dog Kobe and my dad had an exchange.

An exchange that I could only correctly portray—in song.

I love to lay,
Under the table.

Then my owner’s dad told me,

I was no longer able,
To lay under the table.
He grabbed my collar!
So I crouched down and hollered!

But he tugged and pulled,
Me out,
From under the table.

So here I lay,
On my dog bed away,

Away from the table.

Boy do I miss the feet,
blues-slowThose feet under the table.
So warm and so close,
For sure what I miss most,
Is being under the table.
I felt at home,
Like a dog with a bone,guitar
When I was under the table.

Oh how I miss,
How I miss being under…. the table.


[Very emotional blues guitar solo]



[Gravelly voice] So here I lay!!
On my dog bed far away!!
Far away from… the table.


Thank you, thank you.

I almost made this a YouTube video. If you want that to happen, please like and comment and harass me on my social media, and I’ll perform a live recording of this emotionally driven original song.


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8 thoughts on “Blues Song From A Dog Rejected

  1. Omg… I can so imagine my dog feeling like this if we tell him to lay in his bed. He just stares at us longing…. to be with us. Poor puppies. Would love to hear a song and video to go with it. Totally made my day today.

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