Life’s Disappointments


My humor blog has been too funny lately. It’s me. It’s my fault. I’ve been given the gift of comedy and I’m sorry.

But enough is enough! Real life is hard, people. It’s tough. There are heartbreaks, and fatty foods, and muscle cramps—the kind that start in your foot and spike up to your hip, a sinister reminder that you’re growing old and decrepit, even if you are only 21.

It’s time we open our eyes to the real world and its disappointments. Here are seven. (Seven isn’t an even number. Because numerical lists are cruel like that.)

1. Realizing, too late, that there is no toilet paper—and you’re home alone.


2. Coming to the end of the Netflix season and having to wait for new episodes.


3. When something is on the menu, but the girl tells you “we don’t carry that.” But it’s right there: ON THE MENU.



4. When the craving hits, but the box is empty.


5. There are a bajillion emojis on your phone, but never the one you’re looking for.


6. When your last bobby pin falls to the floor of a public bathroom, and you know you put those things in your mouth, so you whisper solemnly, “you’re dead to me, bobby,” and force yourself to walk away.


7. Dropping food that no five-second-rule could possibly apply to; like pudding, mashed potatoes, or pizza that falls topping-side down, onto the carpet, where the shaggy haired dog gets to it first.


What we learn from this is life can be cruel sometimes.

We can either laugh or cry.

Welcome to my humor blog. I prefer to laugh.


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4 thoughts on “Life’s Disappointments

  1. Seven may not be an even number, but you can’t spell seven without even otherwise it would just be S and that looks like a five which is also not an even number.

    No idea what I just said.

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