Lazy >> Justified

Lazy >> justified

I’m lazy. But I’m unashamed. See, lazy people, we’re creative. We’re visionaries. We think outside the box.

We don’t get the credit we deserve.

Now, I’m not accusing you. It’s possible you haven’t been taught. You simply don’t understand the lifestyle I and so many others have chosen.

You watch my actions, but you don’t see the utter genius of it all. That’s why I’m here, an advocate for lazy people around the world!

I’m about to persuade you with the written word. . . Right after this twenty minute YouTube break.

This may be a series. But for today’s post, I will start with a simple comparison of how a normal person’s mind works, like yourself, versus a lazy person.

#1. WHAT YOU SEE: Closet doors left open, revealing a mess that was designed to be concealed, and thus never allowing a somewhat decent room to look put together.

WHAT LAZY PEOPLE SEE: Easy access. Your way: Step 1. Walk to closet. Step 2. Open closet door. Step 3. Obtain item. Our way: Step 1. Walk to closet. Step 2. Obtain item. See what we did there? Eliminated one whole step!

#2. WHAT YOU SEE: A bathroom counter overflowing with products. You can’t open the faucet without knocking something to the floor with your elbow.

WHAT LAZY PEOPLE SEE: Their weekly skin care routine, organized by most frequent use. Why stoop down every morning and night to grab the same face wash from the drawer when you can leave it right by the sink where you need it?

#3. WHAT YOU SEE: A stack of unfolded laundry on the bed and the typical judgements occur.

WHAT LAZY PEOPLE SEE: Tomorrow’s outfit, conveniently laid out for them (and it’s clean!)

#4. WHAT YOU SEE: A clearly unopened bottle of shampoo, screaming to be used. It’s been a few days already and no one’s cracked the lid. You’re afraid to do any further investigating.

WHAT LAZY PEOPLE SEE: A mere suggestion. It’s very time consuming to wash and dry hair, and then have to style it. By skipping a day, they’re simultaneously saving money, water, and time. Things are beginning to make sense, right?

#5. WHAT YOU SEE: The entire contents of the fridge laid out on the living room coffee table and spoiling before your eyes. There’s crumbs on the couch, a remote squished between the cushions, and candy wrappers piled in a little stack that you immediately reach for and throw away. Then to your horror, you turn to find one of your precious throw pillows carelessly tossed to the floor, which the dog has happily made it’s new bed. 

WHAT LAZY PEOPLE SEE: TV.. Food.. Paradise.

You see, us lazy people aren’t just lazy. We’re time savers, organizers, and water preservers.

I hope reading this has created in you a newfound respect and appreciation of lazy people and their endeavors. It takes a lifetime of practice and careful planning to do nothing.

Lazy people are going to change the world, my friends.

7 thoughts on “Lazy >> Justified

  1. Leaving the closet door open eliminates two steps, because lazy people don’t feel the need to close the door after getting the item. Obsessive people would have to open, obtain item, and then shut the door. And also they don’t have the ability to see the contents of the closet until they open it. But lazy people can scan the contents even as they approach. So lazy people save time here too.


  2. That’s wonderful. I’ll have to show this to my partner and be like is this why you leave all your crap everywhere and your closets open.


  3. So you mean my mom was wrong??? Im not a good for nothing lazy bum… I’m a genius??? YES!!! Take that mom!!! Hahaha! (Jk she never said that…it was my dad)

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