Moments That Make You Feel Like An Idiot


There is nothing better than a post we can all relate to.

And what is more relatable than the idiotic moments we share? It’s quite sweet, really. Inspirational and touching, the universal language of making a fool of ourselves.

We have ALL been there. . .

#1. Choking on air.


One moment, you’re launching into a full-fledged monologue. The next, your eyes are tearing up, your throat is constricting, and you have a well-meaning friend pounding you on the back (ultimately making it worse).

Everyone around you stops mid-action, because their curiosity has been sparked, and now they must wait and see whether you survive this or die by natural selection.

As if all that isn’t enough, let’s not forget that one person, who insists on shouting at you “hey, are you choking?” like the answer isn’t obvious.

#2. Speaking before you’ve swallowed.


Sometimes the witty response waits for no one.

Then, you have liquid draining down your shirt and soaking deep into your jeans, and you’re wondering if the witty comment was worth it—and also, if you should see that psychiatrist your sister has been recommending.

#3. Walking into a spider web.


Walking into a spider web is one of life’s cruelest jokes. Nobody sees the spider web. They only see you freaking out over the spider web.

It’s in your mouth, it’s in your hair, it’s on your fingers. You slap and spin and flap your arms. You’re struck with the horror that there may be a spider attached to this grabby film, and it adds to the panic.

Then, poof. It’s gone. You’re left looking like a psychopath, whimpering pathetically to your friends: but there really WAS a spider web. . .

#4. Mistaking a fly for a blood thirsty bee.


No one knows how they will react in a life or death situation, until they are in one. However, we all like to imagine we’ll handle it as calm, cool, and collected as Bruce Willis in Die Hard.

I like to equate a life or death situation to an encounter with a bee. Some people will back me up in this comparison. However, that moment you realize you just shot to your feet and bolted—abandoning your family, friends, women, and children—over a loud buzzing housefly?

Recovery isn’t easy.

#5. Answering the wrong question with “I’m fine.”

I'm fine.gif

They ask you to clean the bathrooms. You answer, “I’m fine.”

The uncomfortable, silent blinking commences.

#6. Drooling.


Last month, I got my braces put on. Since then, I have a new understanding (a new respect, if you will) for droolers.

I can drool when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when my mom talks about frying up a batch of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, even when I’m confused.

There is nothing you can do to lighten up the mood after someone has seen you drool. I think it’s because the truth is: they’re silently horrified you may drool again.

#7. Tripping.


Obviously, tripping had to be on this list.

Gravity isn’t new, yet we seem to discover it daily. . . in front of a large audience. . . as we drag down the poor soul closest to us in an attempt to stay vertical.

#8. Smiling/waving at someone who isn’t smiling/waving at you.


In your head, you know they couldn’t possibly be waving at you. But after the initial few moments and they’re still trying to get your attention, you wave back—only to confirm that yes.

They weren’t waving at you.

#9. Pulling a foot muscle.


It may seem like imaginary pain on the outside, but on the inside, IT HURTS.

#10. Misspelling an easy word.


This is one that plagues the blogging community and anyone on social media. At least in a blog, you can go back and edit. But too often, there are those tweets, those text messages, and those emails that haunt us, forever making us feel like idiots.

In the end, we’re all human. Mistakes are inevitable, and humbling experiences are unavoidable.

At least we can all come together and share in these wonderful moments life has to offer.



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2 thoughts on “Moments That Make You Feel Like An Idiot

  1. I once opened the door to the study room on my residence floor at school, peaked my head in and said “Bye, have a good christmas break!” to a person I thought I knew, but it was a total stranger. My eyesight betrayed me. I didn’t even realize I said that to a stranger until they added me on Facebook an hour later. Oh well….


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