You May Be Broke If. . .

You may be broke if Rebekah Koontz Rebecca Coonts humor post

There are few things in life that I consider myself a true authority in.

Vanilla shakes, sarcasm, and keeping self-entertained are examples of such things.

But when it comes to being thrifty, saving money, and—yes, being broke—oh, my wisdom reigns supreme.

For example, you may be broke if. . .

1. You wait for the thrift stores to have a sale.

Shopping walking bags shop mall clothes fashion

2. You’ve ever thought back to a careless purchase you’ve made, and regretted not having the money you could’ve had if you just didn’t get that extra whipped cream on your Venti Caramel Frappe in 2013. . .

It's gone it's done broke money

3. When someone asks you for a piece of gum, you take a stick and rip it in half, give them half, and chew the other half yourself.


4. You’ve attempted to at-home dye/style/cut your hair.


5. You’ve attempted to tailor your own clothes. 

Fashion awkward

6. You’ve held up a line of angry people at the store because you paid in all coin change, and it took you a while to count the pennies. 

Shrug Jenifer L

7. Del Taco’s $1 iced coffee gives you a thrill.

coffee iced

8. You watch haul videos on YouTube because it’s kind of like buying the items yourself—without the tears.

Book youtube

9. You never accelerate your car too quickly, to save gas.

Slow driver car

10. You’ve used a sharpie to color in the scuff marks on your shoes, or tape to keep the soles in place.


11. You sneak snacks into the dollar movie theater, because their candy is way overpriced.


So now I think the real question is, on a scale of 1 to 11: how broke are you?

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