Thoughts Bloggers Have

Thoughts Bloggers Have. Humor

Bloggers are a special kind of people. We speak through our fingers. We create pictures with words. We’re like YouTubers, with a keyboard.

We don’t know when to quit with the metaphors and similes…

The idea for this post hit me—as most posts tend to do—as I was staring at a roll of toilet paper. I wondered how bad, on a scale of 1-10, my latest post really was and realized these are thoughts all bloggers must have after, during, and before writing a blog post for all the internet to see.

Out poured this list.

1. If I publish this stupid post, how many followers do you think I’ll lose?

2. … Does that sound like an innuendo?

3. I think my STATS bar is frozen. Hmm. *Refresh, refresh* Yeah. Definitely frozen.

4. Does anything I type make sense?

5. Ugh. My shadow is ruining all the pictures.


7. Should I post this in the morning or at night?

8. No way. I misspelled my NAME?! *rereads post* Yup. Yup I did.

9. That sentence doesn’t make sense… Maybe no one will notice.

10. I’ve followed this girl on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If I follow her on Snapchat she’ll KNOW I’m a creeper. I’ll wait a few days.

11. What time is it in the UK?

12. Am I going for a cute or intelligent voice today? Hm. Isn’t intelligent spelled with a “J”?

13. This post has to be funnier/cuter/wiser/better than the last because if it isn’t then everyone will be mad, and hate me, and never come back ever, like ever again. And then all of this will be a waste. And the blogging sheriff will knock on my door and tell me you will never blog in this town again. Or a Dementor, like from Harry Potter, will swoop down and suck my creative, blogging life out of me ALL BECAUSE I WROTE THAT ONE BAD POST.

14. I’m sick and tired of staring at this… I’ll just publish it.

And that, my friends, are the true thoughts behind the posts you read.

Now you know.


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