Red Riding Hood – By Sarah Blakely Cartwright


Have you ever read a book that was so incredibly good, not only could you not put it down, but you wrestled your best friend to the floor and stepped on her neck until she agreed to read it?

Enter book: Red Riding Hood.

The blacksmith would marry her.
The woodcutter would run away with her.
The werewolf would turn her into one of its own.

I didn’t know this was a fantasy/thriller when I picked it up at the store. I only knew it sounded fantastic. And that it called to me in the middle of the night—golden eyes blinking through the darkness.

” Valerie’s sister was beautiful, kind, and sweet. Now she is dead. For generations, the werewolf has been kept at bay with a monthly sacrifice. But no one is safe. When an expert wolf hunter arrives, the villagers learn that the creature lives among them – it could be anyone in town.



She felt him pull back. Her hand hovered in the air and then dropped, fingertips tingling with want. 

Moving quickly to keep up and stepping lightly to avoid sound, Valerie glanced up at the bulging crimson moon, pregnant with warning in the night sky.

She could not bare to lose anyone else tonight.


This book is beautifully written with vivid description and characters so dark, they make you shiver, lick your lips, and eagerly turn the page for more.


Red Riding Hood is incredibly unique for a book. Instead of it being another book-to-movie adaptation, it is my understanding that this was published alongside the movie Red Riding Hood (2011) as a marketing ploy. In fact, the ending chapter is missing, forcing readers to the designated web site for those cherished last words.

Everyone hated this. (I, on the other hand, was clueless to the missing pages and enjoyed the book more when I thought it ended at chapter #29.)

Nevertheless, this book was gripping and had me doubting EVERYONE until the—very—end.


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