Pick A Side

Pick a side

Lately, I’ve realized it’s become a problem—not that I have an opinion, no—but that I choose a side at all.

It isn’t popular to chose sides nowadays, did you know that?

It bothers me when people straddle the fence. Not to have an opinion because they’re too afraid of commitment, backlash, or the effort of creating their own thoughts.

I know your deed that you are neither hot nor cold Revelation 3-15


Pick a side.

I have more respect for a person who disagrees with me than one who nods along to whoever’s the next yahoo with the loudest voice.

Think for yourself.

The USA is a free country—we’re free to choose, to disagree (not to shove our beliefs down each other’s throats. That’s a whole new opinion post), but free to think for ourselves, try new things, carve new trails. Free to DO.

Yet, so many consider this as freedom to SIT. Be lukewarm. Not participate. Not ponder.

I am merely keeping the peace.

The president will be chosen, whether I vote or not.

What I think makes no difference.

Why bother?

Can’t we all just agree?

It’s easier not to get involved.

I rather not think about that right now.

scarlet ohera

I’m a Christian. I disagree with some. Some disagree with me. THAT’S HEALTHY.

What isn’t healthy is thousands upon thousands of us newly claimed adults thinking our opinions aren’t worth anything, or being too cowardly to speak up or act.

No matter the situation, pick a side. Have an opinion. Establish your morals. Speak up for yourself.

Let’s stop being complacent. Lazy. Or fearful.

Will someone disagree with your opinion? Yes. Will you make someone angry/annoyed/hurt? It’s possible.


The truth is you will gain the respect of the right kind of people. Thinkers. Visionaries. People with the ability to open their minds to the possibility that not EVERYONE will agree with their particular stance on things—and the fact that that’s OKAY.

stand up for what you believe in even if you stand alone

I just want to send this out as encouragement. A push, if you will.


Think about things. Have an opinion.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” – Elie Wiesel

Pick a side.


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