“Me Before You” – by Jojo Moyes


I just finished throwing Jojo Moyes’ book, Me Before You, against a chipped brick wall.

The wall didn’t appreciate this childish outburst.

The book, however, shrugged and sighed and murmured, “fair enough.”

This book reminded me what it felt like to ENJOY reading.

I chose to read this book over watching Pretty Little Liars. People, that is serious.

I read this book as I ate ice cream from a bowl. I propped my kindle on a pillow and slobbered sticky caramel sauce over my knuckles. I couldn’t not read this book.

Me Before You, is about Louisa Clark, a quirky girl struggling to make ends meet, who takes on a job caring for cynical quadriplegic, Will Traynor. Soon, opposites not only attract, but they change each other’s lives—forever.

It started slow. But I was waiting for her to get the job. We’re all waiting for her to get the job. To meet Will.

I had to know what happened next—every step of the way. I wanted Will to soften, Lou to get through to him. I WANTED ROMANCE. Moyes is a fabulous tease. I couldn’t let go. I had to follow her to the last page, to see if they get together.

Moyes has incredible insight into the natural human characteristics we see every day. And not only does she have the insight, she is able to weave it into words. It’s brilliant.


I finished Me Before You twenty minutes ago. I may need a mental health day.

I feel strung along. But do I feel betrayed? I felt like I was a part of Louisa’s family. I felt giddy with a crush. Sad and helpless in places.

And yet, I’m a little mad. I don’t really like being mad.

No matter what, this book made me feel things. So I am satisfied.

So yes, I will be heading to the movie theater, tissue box tucked under my arm. But be warned, movie goers, you may just see that box walloped at the movie screen when the ending credits roll.



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6 thoughts on ““Me Before You” – by Jojo Moyes

      1. Honestly I’ve thought the same, but I still want to try it because I read TFIOS before I watched the film and I kind of felt better about the whole thing. So it’s sort of become traditional to do to disability related books. 🙂


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