10 Stages Of Writing A Book

10 stages to writing a book

I haven’t made a specific announcement that I’ve been writing a book. I know my tagline is Something to read as I work on my next novel. It alludes to the fact that I’m writing a book.

Anyhow. I, Rebekah Koontz, have written a book.

*shrieks and squeals, and is an all-round thirteen-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert*

I do want to get my book traditionally published, and I’ll 100% keep everyone updated, via Twitter and Facebook. Currently, I’m just so incredibly pleased with myself that I did it. I accomplished the hardest part.

In doing so, I definitely went through these 10 stages of writing. So now that the hardest part is over, it’s time to look back—and laugh.


[WALKING ON CLOUDS, STAGE #1]. I am a writing GODDESS. Everything I write turns to gold, bow down to me peasants!


[DISTRACTION, STAGE #2.] Doo-la-loo. *Humming, playing, all around distracted as novel waits patiently to be given love and attention.* *Novel sighs.*


[HITTING A BRICK WALL, STAGE #3.] I’m writing!! Flying!! SOARING!! Characters, descriptions, scenes, all playing out like a movie from my head to the paper, when—

…where was I going with this?

You've got main

[THE DREADED RE-READ, STAGE #4.] What am I even saying? This isn’t funny. This isn’t even remotely interesting.

*Spends 3 days writing a scene. Next day, erases entire scene from the book.*

book burning


[LOSING YOUR MIND, STAGE #5.] If I use the word “smiles” or “looks at” ONE MORE TIME, I will gauge out this character’s gorgeous teal blue eyes. It will be a tragedy. But I MEAN IT!! STEP UP YOUR GAME, YOU.


[FORK IN THE ROAD, STAGE #6.] When it’s time for a character to decide—i.e. Gale or Peeta—and I realize I, as a writer, wasn’t emotionally prepared for such a life changing, drastic book decision.

What do I do

[THE DRY SPELL, STAGE #7.] I feel no creativity, no creative muse. I feel NOTHING…Though, I am a little hungry.


[EDITING, STAGE #8] Okay. So maybe this isn’t the WORST book ever written…

*Critique group returns their notes.*

Fox dive.jpg


[THIS IS THE WORST BOOK EVER WRITTEN, STAGE #9.] I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for the world.

Throw off a bridge

[WHEN YOU FINISH, STAGE #10.] Oh my gosh. I’m done? I made it? I’m…alive?



Writing a book is an extreme accomplishment, no matter where that book goes. I have a lot of hope for my fun little read.

I have the typical writer insecurities, and the grasp on reality to know my first novel is just a stepping stone toward the real thing, whatever that may be.

No matter the case, I think this settles it. It’s official now.

I, Rebekah Koontz, am, like, totally a REAL writer!


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10 thoughts on “10 Stages Of Writing A Book

  1. I’m currently in the “Nope, nope, nope…what comes next?! I don’t even know, can I just skip ahead 3 chapters? Will it make sense? Omg no” And then stop writing it for 4 months. Hahaha! Well done you for actually reaching the end!

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