Mommy, Me, & Maybelline

Mommy, me, and  maybelline 2

It’s Mother’s Day here in the U.S. The day of pastels, and lilies, and lots and lots of massive, heart-shaped cards entitled I love you THIS much! 

It was a lovely coincidence that I was sent a foundation too dark for my skin tone.

In true Mommy-Spirit, my mom graciously sat and smiled as I fluttered around her, dabbing, and spraying, and wiping. It got dicey when we came to mascara. But the foundation was definitely the star of the show.

I was sent the Maybelline FITme! Matte + Poreless foundation. It gave my mom the loveliest finish. I was concerned the shade was too pink, but after some blending, it was perfect!

Thank you, Maybelline, for sending it our way!

Now, for the mushy Mother’s Day part.

Dear Mama,

I’d never seen our relationship before I watched this video of us. The way we interact is 100% true to our individual personalities. We’re mother-daughter, and we’re also friends.

You were willing to put aside your time and responsibilities to support me in my blog and writing, and that has been exemplified throughout my entire lifetime.

You’ve always supported my endeavors—and not only that—you’ve made a lot of them possible.

I thank you.

I thank you for being the kind of mom who’s ALWAYS ready to go into battle for me— sword, shield, dragons, and all. I thank you for graciously tolerating my shopping sprees when you rather be reading at home. And I thank you for sharing in my obsession of Friends.

It always goes back to Friends. Lol.

I hope you have the loveliest Mother’s Day for being the loveliest mother! (Especially one with flawless, Matte + Poreless skin.)





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