Liebster Award Part 2


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely bloggers: Beckie from Spotlight and Dani from Crystal Sparkly Dreams.

Turns out, I’ve already accepted this award, almost exactly one year ago.

But I’m not one to let a tiny hiccup like that stop me.

Rules Of The Liebster Award (These vary, depending on who I’m nominated by. So in the name of grand monarchy, I shall pick and choose which rules I prefer—for the good of the kingdom.)

  • Nominate 3-10 bloggers with less than 2,000 followers whom you want to encourage.
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees.

Because I was nominated by two bloggers, I’ll alternate between their questions. (Don’t worry. There’s only 9.)

lets do this

#1. What is the most rewarding aspect of blogging? – Beckie

Blogging is most rewarding from an instant-gratification standpoint. There is no waiting. I write it. I post it. I see if people love it, hate it, come at me with pitchforks, ignore it, or leave a comment with phrases like funniest girl in the entire world or all hail the writing Goddess. 

I find out how they feelalmost immediately. Blogging connects my writing with my readers. That’s rewarding.

#2. What would your superpower be? – Dani

Either flying or being invisible. Mostly, I want to be invisible so I can eavesdrop on people. But that’s a given.

#3. Name a fun, random fact about yourself. – Beckie

Since I’m studying medical transcription, I have a half-man, half-exposed-organs-and-muscles figurine on my desk.

Sometimes, I shake my head at him and say, “you aren’t half the man you used to be, Charles.”

This cracks me up.

#4. What’s one thing that really gets your blood boiling? – Dani

When my age becomes an issue. I’m twenty, 5’2, and baby-faced.

I have leadership skills and drive and maturity, but a lot of people struggle or refuse to see me as a competent adult human. They see me as a girl, or daughter, or teen, or worse, they compare me to their kid or grandkid, thinking that because we share the same age, we must be at the same place in life.

I wouldn’t say my blood boils at this, but I do see it as one of life’s injustices.

I guess you could say my blood boils at those 18-25 year olds who are lazy or stupid and ruin things for the rest of us. And those “adultier” adults who don’t expect any better from my generation.

#5. What’s your greatest motivation for writing? – Beckie

I want to be a published YA author. I’m currently working on my first novel. I want readers to fangirl over my characters the way I fangirl over Tris and Four.

I also love sharing experiences and sharing laughter. It’s addicting, and it’s motivating.

#6. During a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice? – Dani

First of all, Dani, I absolutely love this question. I guess this would’ve been a great random fact about me, but I am always preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

I am that girl:

“Dude, if it were a zombie apocalypse, I’d eat you first.”

“Hey, if this was a zombie apocalypse, I would climb up to that abandoned house on a hill and set up fort, perfect vantage point.”

“CHECK THE BACK SEAT. I told you. ALWAYS check the back seat!”

Anyways. I’m a gun person. However, I am aware that bullets only last so long. But, if this were a movie, and I had a never-ending supply of bullets, I would go for a gun, probably a rifle, and if I could, a handgun against my ankle as well.

You asked.

#7. Favorite movie. – Beckie

I have a list of movies I can see (and have seen) over and over and over and over—and over again:

  • The Devil Wears Prada (fashion and writing, two of my favorite things)
  • His Girl Friday (makes me laugh every time)
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service (started my anime obsession)
  • All About Eve (oh, the irony)
  • Little Women w/Elizabeth Taylor (Oh Laurie…)
  • You’ve Got Mail

#8. Favorite dinner to eat. – Beckie

Olive Garden. Always Olive Garden. I love their soups, their salad, I love pasta, I love the Frank Sinatra music in the background.

I would like to eat Olive Garden, the restaurant, as a whole. Breadsticks on the side. Please and thank you.

#9. Tell me one interesting fact about yourself? – Dani

When I was eight, I was hit in the face with a softball. The girl stood maybe five feet away and walloped the ball with a bat. I remember, in slow motion, the softball growing in size, then I remember waking up, crying in the dugout against my mother’s lap.

It’s believed that the girl hit me so hard I got a hairline fracture on my cheek bone. So I have to be careful to protect my face—and to stay away from teenagers with bats who pay no concern to the “tap it lightly” rule.


Wow! So many stories.

Thank you again to Beckie and Dani for nominating me and for your awesome questions!

I hereby blindly nominate (because I don’t know how to tell how many followers you have):

Adele from The Girl in Glasses | Holly from I Blog The Fashion | Ayre from Ayre | Jasmine from Color U Bold | Paul from The Captian’s Speech | Jacob from That’s So Jacob | Alina from Life. Love. Beauty. Paradise. | Meghan from Got Meghan



  1. Why did you start a blog?
  2. What are your greatest fears?
  3. If you could be a character in a story/movie, who would you be?
  4. If you could have any kind of powers, magical or superhero, what would you choose?
  5. Where does your greatest motivation come from, for blogging and life?
  6. What annoys the heck out of you?
  7. If you could have any kind of pet—past, present, imaginary, exotic—what would it be?
  8. What is the best blogging advice you can give?
  9. During a zombie apocalypse, what would be your weapon of choice? (I HAD to include this.)
  10. What is your favorite kind of ice cream? (You can include toppings and grand specifics if you like.)



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7 thoughts on “Liebster Award Part 2

  1. Wow, thanks for another nomination! Though I don’t qualify (just hit 3000 followers today), I hope you don’t mind that I’ll still answer the questions in the comment section here! No objections? Good.
    1. I started my blog to write about sports so I had sample articles to present to potential employers. Then my blog snowballed into what it is today – something.
    2. Lately I’ve been afraid that I’m going to somehow be convicted of a crime I didn’t even know took place. Making A Murderer has gotten to my head, I think.
    3. I’d be Harry Potter. Find me one person that wouldn’t want to be! Sure, he has a pretty stressful life for a kid but he never dies and he’s a wizard and Dobby is his friend. DOBBY. Case closed.
    4. The super powers I would choose is 1) Being able to freeze time. Like if I’m really enjoying a moment (eating, sleeping, something more special), then I’d like to freeze time. 2) I’d also like to be able to snap my fingers and a pizza appear in front of me. 3) I’d also like to snap my fingers and be at OLIVE GARDEN.
    5. Sometimes music really motivates me. Some of the poems I’ve written on my blog follow the style/sound of songs I’ve listened to. The middle of the night also gives me motivation. I feel like I can do anything during that time.
    6. Slow walkers annoy the heck out of me. Like, move it or lose it. Why are we moving so slow? The least they could do is pull over and put their blinker on until I pass. (Yes, I’m aware they aren’t in a car).
    7. Chimpanzee. 100%. I feel like hanging out with it would be like finding a long lost brother. I don’t know what that says about me.
    8. Best blogging advice: Be yourself and write about absolutely anything you want. Also, no joke is too lame to share with the world.
    9. I think it’s a given that everyone would looking for a gun in the zombie apocalypse. It just gets the job done. In terms of a secondary weapon, I’d probably use a baseball bat, an ax, or an invisibility cloak.
    10. Favourite kind of ice cream is vanilla. Just by itself. BUT, a chocolate sundae from Dairy Queen is absolute heaven. I’ll eat it any time of year.


  2. You seriously sound so interesting.. I can’t wait till you’re a published author. I hope you’ll hire me as your copy editor LOL!!! I love Devil Wears Prada too! There’s something about it that’s so fascinating. And Olive Garden.. I mean, my mom is like a bread fanatic and I’m her daughter… I try to control myself though and only eat one or two breadsticks at the most.. yum! My fave is the Caprese.. omg.

    After answering the questions in this comment section, I decided I want to do a blog post on this after all… Except I’ll do it as a Q&A 🙂 It’ll be up Friday of next week so you’ll have to wait.


  3. Hay sweetie, thank you for answering my questions 🙂 So glad you did the one about the apocalypse 😀 My weapon would have to be a sword for sure!! Lol love that you’re a survival-plan-girl too, we should exchange notes and tips 🙂
    Looking forward to reading everyone else’s answers too x


  4. Thank you for nominating me for this award, it means a lot, especially since I’ve taken a small (unexpected) break from blogging recently. I loved reading your answers too, thoroughly entertaining. Little Women (Elizabeth Taylor version) is one of my all-time favourite movies too, my mum introduced me to it as it was one of her childhood favs! 🙂


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