Amuse Bouche by BITE Beauty

Amuse Bouche by Bite Beauty lipstick swatches Beetroot, Gazpacho, Pepper

Do you like lemon cake? Or lemon frosting on a lemon cake? Or sugary sweet lemonade, with a lemon cookie on the side?

You may eat these lipsticks.

Did anyone else’s stomach growl just then?

I’d never heard of BITE beauty* before, let alone their Amuse Bouche range. I will tell you this: They are very luxurious.

DSC08765It’s all in the packaging. They have a velvety soft exterior, and BITE kept to the classic bullet tube. The only issue is in finding the shade you want among the pile on your first try.

In a hurry, this degrades you to blindly catching up each tube to scan the bottom, scowl, and toss the rejected color back in your drawer. You will then go on to pick up the same wrong color from the drawer four or five times before you get angry enough that you settle for your NYX lipgloss, in the transparent container with the color clearly visible. Later, you’ll find the tube with the color you wanted settled comfortably at the bottom of your handbag.

5 swatch

The pigmentation on these lipsticks is gorgeous. They’re a creamy texture and comfortable to wear. They also tint your lips, so you’ll have a nice stain of color even after eating.

These two features come at a cost, however. Because they are moisturizing, they can be “slippy” on application and easy to mess up. And these lipsticks are NOT forgiving to mistakes.

If you go out of your lip line and try to wipe it away, the lipstick will have already stained your skin, and you’ll have a bigger mess on your hands (literally, if you’re using your fingers as lipstick erasers, and then accidentally touch your chin. At which point, you will be reminded of every mistake you’ve ever made in your lifetime up to that point and ask where God? Where did I go wrong?)Bite beauty amuse bouche swatches pepper gazpacho beetroot


To avoid catastrophe, you must apply a lip liner BEFORE using any of the dark colors in this range. (Unless you’re a magical lipstick queen with fairy dust and a unicorn tail.)

Once applied successfully, these lipsticks will become your best friend, supportive sister, and most committed companion though the years.

I also find that because they smell like lemon cake, I crave sweets less!

Who saw that coming?! 

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* This product was sent to me to review. All opinions are my own. 
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