Creative People Are Freaks

Creative people are freaks

I made an attempt to look presentable this morning. You wouldn’t know this because my face is red and blotchy, my glasses are sliding down my face, and sweat has replaced the “natural glow” my foundation promised on the label. I’m panting.

See, the library has three stories…

And I want the best desk. One secluded, in a cool atmosphere, by the window… I’ve passed the same fifty people, on three separate floors, approximately fifteen THOUSAND times within the past half hour. They think I’m crazy, or looking for someone. My bag weighs 75 pounds. My hair is stuck under a strap, tugging my head to one side, but I circle again. Because I’m a creative person, and if I don’t get a spot by the window, the closest I will get to a prolific thought is, “maybe I would come up with better post ideas if I was by a window…

Here are 6 ways creative people are freaks.

#1. We entertain ourselves with the randomest things——for hours.

It’s impressive. It’s amusing. And then it gets weird…

bored drumming desk signfiel

#2. Our creative genius is actually a temperamental baby.

If it doesn’t get its way (i.e. that desk by the window/a piece of chocolate before lunch), NOTHING, you will get NOTHING done.

crying drinking tantrum chocolate

#3. We never play by the rules.

“Organized desk space helps you work most effectively.” “Never write under the influence of drugs/alcohol/caffeine/peer pressure/anger/heartache/sugar rush/deadline panic/insomnia.”

Yeah no. Creative people do as they please, whether it’s against the rules or not.

typing silly writing crazy tongue

#4. We ask the strangest questions to study the reactions we receive.

Do you like cheese

#5. We spend long amounts of time staring at walls—or at you.

You have no idea that what is happening behind our eyes is actually a romantic encounter with a passing stranger or conquering of the enemy kingdom. (FOR NARNIA!) And then you insist on bringing us back to reality.

staring awkward dazed

#6. We’ll laugh. Out of the blue. At the worst moments. When it makes the least bit of sense.

laughing burst

Sometimes we can explain why we’re laughing and you can share in our glee. Other times, you may get an explanation, followed by a sad sigh and, “it was funnier in my head…


I’m positive I’ve barely grazed the tip of the iceberg. Creative people are nuts. They can be social-est of butterflies or sour introverts. They can feature children’s comics on their T-shirts or paint each toenail a different color based on their political preference and the day of the week.

Are you a creative person or do you know one? What are the weird, quirky things they do?


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