Unblocking The Block

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Here’s the truth, people of the world. Young and old. Old and new. Those boring and those who smell good. Dog lovers and murderers of fake plants… I have ideas. I have time.

I have writers block.

It’s a block. Seriously. A BLOCK. It’s a block like my lack of spending money during a clearance sale. It’s a block like an empty box of Oreos. It’s a block like the amount of rings I can wear on one hand, while rifling through my purse for that long lost mint.

I know I need to post something. I know you want to read something. I know, I know, I know.

I just gave myself a headache.

*sneaks a sip from a stranger’s water bottle and returns*

The way to break a block is to flush it out. (Or dissolve it, but I, with my flower-child, sweet attitude, revert to violence as the first resort, so yes. FLUSH THE DARN THING! OUT! OUT! OUT!) Hence, the cure to what ails me is not to get 8 hours of sleep or consume caffeinated drinks until my head explodes. I need to publish something. Anything. So Rebekah, stop being so picky. You’re annoying me.

With that said, here is a list of random thoughts I’m about to have in the next five minutes. Set to bullet points because I’m fancy. Enjoy.

  • I honestly have a headache. When did I become such an emotionally affected human being? I used to be a 5 foot stone of stoic… marshmallow fluff.
  • I wore shorts yesterday for THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. I forgot I had legs. They’re as white and short as I remember.
  • I’m very into straws lately. Or sissy sippers, as my dad calls them. But I don’t care. Straws are the best. I kind of want to be the ambassador of straws.
  • I’ve suddenly become very aware of my never-ending reservoir of sarcastic remarks—and the fact that some people don’t appreciate them.


  • I’m going to be 21 next month. I’m going to have rum cake for the first time, with icing. A little party. I’ll be responsible, though. Promise. Someone else will drive.
  • I’m in love with my new iPhone 6s plus. It’s huge and gold and [insert all the heart-eye emojis here] 😍😍😍.
  • I rather be reading right now… I guess that’s more of a confession.
  • I did the math and I will be done with my Medical Transcription study by May. *thumbs up*
  • My jeans have bleached stars on them.
  • It has occurred to me that my life in its (not as sad as it sounds) entirety is a huge waiting game. Waiting to be certified. Waiting to be a real grown up. Waiting to finish my novel. Whenever someone asks me about things, my answer is “time will tell.”

So I’m just wondering if I can make that my official title: REBEKAH KOONTZ, TIME WILL TELL.

Has a nice ring to it.

But then, if I had to pick between that or “your grace,” I’d pick the latter.


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10 thoughts on “Unblocking The Block

  1. Haha you are very funny Rebekah and your posts always make me smile. Seriously you can get away with writing anything coz you are one amazing writer



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