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eShakti clothing customized

I’m a rather small (tiny) human being.

Shifting into “adulthood,” I’ve been blessed with the special challenge of finding clothes that fit me. Clothes that aren’t sporting the latest Disney Princess, or flowers on the backside, or a bejeweled hemline.

The struggle is real.

Because of this, I flourished in the land of thrift stores, where clothes are cheap enough to destroy tailor to my fit and my liking. But, there are some times I rather just wave a magic wand over a dress and have it fit.

Enter online store!

eShakti is a clothing store that offers complete customization. Not only will they ask for your exact measurements, they will lengthen hemlines, cut out pockets, add sleeves, and even change the neckline.

Have you ever thought, “too bad this isn’t a maxi dress” or “I wish it came with sleeves“? Now you can be in charge of the design!

All you have to do is decide. Dum, dum, dummm.

1 croppedDeciding was absolutely the hardest thing I could do. But with the help of my friends and family, I finally decided on this burgundy turtle neck dress* with exposed zip.

I paired it with a pair of my new Alla pumps from Just Fab.

DRESS: The dress is high quality, made with material that will last me ages. The exposed zip adds a little somethin’-somethin’ and because it’s rather plain, it can be accessorized for a variety of occasions.

FIT: Time for true honesty. I’m not pleased with how it fits me. I gave them my exact measurements. My hope was that this curve-hugging dress would hug me in the right way [girl logic]i.e. no belly pouches. I do not believe they made any kind of mistake in making the dress. I’m just not pleased with the way I look. You may think differently.

STYLE: I agreed to a turtle neck, which was a gamble, since I’m the type of person that feels a tuft of hair on the back of her neck and screams, “IT’S CHOKING ME!” Then I’ll fall to the floor and make strangled noises until someone offers me a hair tie.

All that to say, the turtle neck portion of the dress is higher in person than it appeared online. If I knew this, I wouldn’t have chosen this dress at all. I’m that high-maintenance.

Nevertheless, I am hooked on this web site. I force myself to stay away before I lay some real money down. I love the choices. I love the customized fit. And I love being the designer of my own clothes.


Right now, eShakti is offering $35 dollars off + free customization. You could virtually get an entirely customized dress for $30. I highly recommend checking it out! They are also on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.



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* This product was sent to me to review. All opinions are my own. 
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6 thoughts on “eShakti — Clothing Customized

  1. OMG BUT YOU ARE GORGEOUS THOUGH. If the dress doesn’t fit very well, you can’t even tell from these photos. 😀 I love the red too…the colour is just gooorgeous. I probably wouldn’t be okay with a turtleneck either though…eep. I’m always itchy about things too close to my throat? hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi 🙂 yes the colour is really pretty on you and you can’t tell at all about the fit, it looks a great fit from the pics. I’m totally with you about the neck-thing though, I get strangled 10 times a day just by my own hair, let-alone high neck sweaters, so I usually stay clear too! x


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