7 Ways to Approach Valentine’s Day

7 ways to approach valentine's day humor post

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and it’s possible that you don’t know what to do with this information.

Should you cry? Should you panic? Should you go out, buy a puppy, put a big red bow on it and stage a massive “OH MY GOSH. Look what my BOYFRIEND got me for VALENTINE’S DAY!” performance in the middle of the park.

You can wear a red dress. The couples on their little romantic dates will turn and applaud and tell you what a lucky girl you are.

Or, you can pick one of these seven different ways to approach Valentine’s Day.

#1. The Day Of Doom.

Cry. Complain. It’s your day honey.



#2. Cheat Day.

Eat that chocolate cake you’ve been flirting with every Friday as you pass by the bakery. And a whole box of Cheese-Its. And if anyone gives you grief, eat them too.


#3. The Day To Feel Sorry For All Those Guys Who Aren’t Dating You.

Poor suckers.


#4. Party It UP.

Get your girlfriends together for a night on the town. Watch a series of Romantic Comedies in your PJs. Paint your nails alternating colors of pink, red, and white. Go crazy.

hey party heart glasess

#5. Be Disgusted.

You don’t need me to teach you how to do that.



#6. Be Desperate.

[Refer back to point #5.]


#7. Be Romantic.

Be the couple everyone wants to be (yet openly hates. Eh, that’s life. Accept it). Exchange chocolates and flowers. Eat Italian. Make us gag.


So what will it be, my friend?

Which attitude will you choose for this upcoming V-day? Better decide now.

Valentines day


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