Finding Audrey – By Sophie Kinsella


When I am older, I will curl up with Finding Audrey as a precious memory of what it was like for me, growing up as a middle child between two brothers. Brothers who like video games.

Finding Audrey begins with a livid mother, a horrified brother trotting nervously around the front lawn, and a computer, leaning precariously over the edge of a two story window.

Oh, the good ol’ days.

The book grips you from the start. Sophie Kinsella’s quick and punchy style sends your eyes skidding across the page until you’ve finished seven chapters without a thought.

Audrey is a teenage girl suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder due to bullying. She is a prisoner of her own ‘lizard’ brain, forced to only watch life as she stays safe behind the darkness of her sunglasses and the security of her home. But then, someone new stops by. Linus sparks something in Audrey. She finds herself making progress and stepping out more. The boy who may be just a crush may also end up saving Audrey, and her family.

Finding Audrey is Kinsella’s first YA novel, and she nailed it.

This book offers a glimpse into the lives of teens, even adults, who have Social Anxiety Disorder. It shows the frustration, anger, sadness, and patience that must follow in both, those affected and their families. It’s real, and I’m glad Kinsella was able to bring awareness to this with sensitivity, while keeping true to her light wit.

*cough* Rhubarb.

I highly recommend this book on both an entertainment, family humor, and an awareness standpoint.



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