12 Things To Smile About

The happy list

Have you ever had a real bad day? I’m talking real bad.

So bad that you found yourself staring at a kitchen tile, thinking, yearning, craving one happy thought.

You looked deeply into your dog’s big brown eyes and said, God, please. I’m out of creativity. I need something happy. The birds sing beautiful melodies in a tree outside as the leaves dance and swirl in the wind like in Pocahontas and you pray. Give me one thing. One tiny thing to make me smile.

Off the top of my head, here are twelve things.

#1. Warm showers.


#2. Chocolate covered pretzels.


#3. Swivel chairs.

swivel chair

#4. Unicorn plush dolls.

it's so fluffy

I wanna be a unicorn

#5. The dollar theater.

Movie theater

#6. That perfect cup of coffee.

coffee iced

#7. A pet’s love.


#8. House slippers.


#9. The smell of a new book.

Book youtube

#10. The fact that God loves you more than anyone, no matter that thing  you did.



#11. An untouched roll of toilet paper.

toilet paper

#12. Gif-heavy blog posts.

I see what you did there

Next time you’re having a bad day, or if you’re needing a little pick-me-up, I hope this post helps!

It made me happy to write it.

And, on a personal note, you guys definitely make me happy too.

Aw. Did we just have a moment?

grin smile little girl cute



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