My First Vlogmas Experience

The things I learned my first vlogmas experience

This past December, I took you along with me on twenty-five days of my life.

Twenty-five days of my awkward face.

Those who watched seemed to enjoy it. Friends say they binge watched! So the videos aren’t boring!

I’d never done Vlogmas. I’d never done a vlog. I knew only the basics in YouTube editing. I was out of my mind to agree to this thing.

And now, I’m here to tell you what I learned.

#1. Hide the underwear.


I’ll be real with you. In about half of my vlogmas videos, there is a bra in the background.

Different ones, mind you, in different locations.

In the middle of watching a video, my mother marched straight to my room and shut the closet door with such purpose, the shoes inside trembled with fear.

I have since dedicated a special drawer to all my delicates.

#2. How to screw up my sleep schedule.

Sleepy bunny

Something I didn’t understand with Vlogmas was the fact that I needed to live a life to film, while simultaneously editing the life I’d already filmed.

Basically, I got no sleep.

Luckily, I decided to upload my videos the day after filming. (Vlogmas #1 came out December 2nd and so forth.) This way, I wouldn’t stay up late, desperately trying to meet a deadline. This helped, but when the days grew busier, the only time left to edit in was nighttime.

Now I struggle to go to bed at 10pm and I struggle to get up at 8am. Hurray!

#3. How to find that flattering angle.



– Yes

  • Camera lifted above your forehead, tilted at a down-angle.

– No

  • Camera at your chest.
  • Camera facing up, at all.
  • When your elbow’s rested while filming.
  • At any height that feels comfortable to hold the camera.

#4. Humility.


I have a newfound respect for regular YouTubers. After my fifth video, I was sick of myself.

I was sick of my face. Sick of the way I touch my hair. Sick, sick, sick.

I even sent out a Tweet, formally apologizing for my voice. It annoyed me. Everywhere I went, it was there. If I had something to say, I heard it ringing in my ears. It wouldn’t leave me alone.

I also learned that I can’t sit still. The poor camera vibrated about because I have the arm muscle of a sea monkey. Not to mention, I never realized how many double chins I had, before this experience.

I’m so happy I’m short and that people don’t ever have to look at me from an up-angle.

#5. How to speak to a camera.

Blah blah blah

The idea behind this crazy project was to throw myself in front of a camera and get over the awkwardness of talking to … no one.

What better way to find out if something works for you than to throw yourself in?

For the first couple days, I wouldn’t vlog, even in front of my family. But, by the time I filmed the collab with Joey, I was vlogging in the middle of Target, with little girls jumping up and waving in the background.

Soon, it wasn’t just me, trying to talk casually with an inanimate object. It was me conversing, face-to-face, with you guys.

I’ve conquered my fear, and it feels really good.

I learned I actually enjoy making YouTube videos!

So, Rebekah—you may be asking—does this mean you’ll be doing Vlogmas again next year?

laugh crying

I wouldn’t count on it.


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7 thoughts on “My First Vlogmas Experience

  1. I loved this whole thing, I’m very terrified of 4 and 5 for me. I hate my voice!! I cringe everytime I hear it, so I understand the reason after a few days you really hated yours! I think I need to experiment with angles on my camera. I mean, taking pictures on it is getting easier but finding a “flattering” angle that hides the double chin and stomach would be awesome!! 😀

    “I wouldn’t count on it” Come on! You survived your first Vlogmas, you should be proud of yourself for completing it! It can only get better from here especially the more you do it. Why the crap am I giving you advice I haven’t even done it yet? I love your vlogs and I showed them to my family and they seemed to adore them too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That flattering angle is the hardest, but once you’ve got it, you’re gold.👌
      That is true. Vlogmas is the best crash course in video editing I could’ve ever taken. I felt like I was getting better with each upload. But I dunno, I guess we’ll just have to wait for next December and see. X-)
      Are you still planning on doing Vlogmas this year?

      Liked by 1 person

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