The Last Days | Vlogmas 24 & 25

Vlogmas 24 an 25

I’m afraid I got swept up in the holiday festivities, the last days of Vlogmas.

However, I’m not one to leave something halfway—unless we’re talking about cleaning my room, which we’re not.

So, without further ado, here are the last days of Vlogmas; the days you’ve all been waiting for: Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Vlogmas has truly been an experience. So much so, that you can expect a thorough blog post on it once my eye stops twitching.

Anyways, Merry Christmas, dear friends. And thank you for coming along with me on this past Vlogmas 2015.


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8 thoughts on “The Last Days | Vlogmas 24 & 25

  1. Hello Rebekah! Just realized I hadn’t checked in with you for awhile. How are you? I am about to start Good Grief by Lolly Winston, reading in tandem with The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanezaki. I just finished my first book of the year, The Earth Hums in B Flat by Mari Strachan; it was just okay, you might enjoy it, it’s a mix of fiction/mystery/young adult. How did you enjoy I Do Not Come to You By Chance? Come visit me soon!

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    1. You already finished your first book of the year?! NICE!
      Okay. . . I’ll be honest. I tried very hard to get into the book I Do Not Come To You By Chance, but I never finished it. The writing was great, but I didn’t care about the characters at all. 😕


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