Christmas Caroling | Vlogmas 19

Vlogmas 19

I know you shouldn’t begin a post or a vlog with an apology.

I hardly ever do.

But, considering I’m uploading this video with the mindset, I need to post SOMETHING. . . No. I’m not willing to spend any more time re-editing that.

I’m sorry.

We went Christmas Caroling. There was a HUGE teddy bear. We semi-crashed an intense party that was complete with neon lights, glow sticks, and loud music, which they sweetly turned down to hear us sing.

I’d never seen anything like that party before. They opened the front door and inside was a neon green wonder world.

And, at a separate house, a sweet elderly woman listened to us through the window and picked up her dog so it could watch us sing.

It was cold and rainy but a great time.


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