Operation Christmas Child | Vlogmas 12

Operation Christmas child samaritan's purse

My Sunday school class had the opportunity of participating in the Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child this year.

It’s an amazing experience, hearing all the stories about the kids whose lives were touched through this ministry.

Families and churches from around the country fill individual shoeboxes with candy, soaps, toys, shirts, shoes. They do their best to specify each box toward a particular gender and age group.

Several shoeboxes also include a personalized letter and picture from the family sending it.

What we did tonight was inspect each shoebox, being sure to remove chocolate, war related items, and money.

It’s a humbling experience. We found a toothbrush with chewed up packaging and asked our leader what we should do. Seeing it was still in the packaging, she okayed it and continued to tell us a story of a kid who had to share a toothbrush with eight of his siblings.

Never take what you have for granted. We truly are blessed. Praise God.


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