Blogmas 2015 — Day #1

Blogmas Day #1 -- Lost Keys and Spontaneous Singing

I made it. I survived.

I survived one day of vlogging.

The arm muscles on my right arm are huge.

Today was a quiet work day for me. I critiqued, and prepped bible lessons, and wrote. . .

And I lost my keys.

I still haven’t found my keys. Guess what my plan for tomorrow is?

Vlogging isn’t as bad as I imagined. My editing skills, however, have tons of room for improvement.

Since I don’t have much to say, I shall leave you with this visual representation of my Blogmas/Vlogmas day #1.

Note: If you don’t see a video below, click here.

Christmas time is here!


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8 thoughts on “Blogmas 2015 — Day #1

  1. I wonder how many times Zoella says “blogmas” in her videos? She probably says it as many you have, she just edited it out. Lol

    You’re so adorable though! It’s nice to finally hear your voice!! 🙂

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      1. I bet it is!! I think after Vlogmas you should do like a “how to” post on what all you got to do this for the ones like myself who want to go into YouTube in 2016. Just a suggestion though! Can’t wait for day 2! 😀

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