Blogmas Turned Vlogmas?!

Blogmas turned Vlogmas 2015

Hello, dear friends!

I would like to officially welcome you to the beginning of Blogmas 2015.


Please, come in. Have a cocoa. Relax.

Hold it! Wipe your feet first. Wow. Were you raised in a barn? What would your mother say! I mean, really. … Thank you.

Now, come in.

Last year, I had so much fun doing Blogmas. I met so many new people, and it was through Blogmas that I found there’s a whole huge blogger community out there.

People like me. Out there. Writing to this dark void, too. It’s crazy.

Hi, guys.

If you don’t know, Blogmas is where I write a blog post every day until Christmas. Vlogmas is where people upload a video, every day, until Christmas.

On a whim of insanity, I have decided to do both.

Because, why not? Sleep? What is that?

I have: 1) No plan. 2) No idea how this will work. 3) No third point to complete this three-point-minimum thought process.

Everyone likes threes.

*inhales deep and smiles* Won’t this be fun?

I’ve begun vlogging for the first time today. It’s very awkward and uncomfortable and hurts my arm, so I would say we’re off to a great start!

My first video will be up tomorrow, marking it day #1 of Blogmas/Vlogmas 2015. If you’d like to subscribe to my channel now, click here.

Let the ho-ho-hoing begin!


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