Fall OOTD (Thrift Store Fashion)

Fall OOTD Thriftstore fashion

Hello, my internet friends.

It’s not very often that I begin a post with “hello,” so, hello.

I have been doing quite a bit of thrift store shopping lately. Considering I have yet to finish my Medical Transcription curriculum and tap into a fountain of wealth, this is a little concerning.

But then, I remember my jeans were 25¢.

13 Fall thrift store ootd fashionToday was the last day of our Fall Bible study. We sang Christmas songs. So, naturally, I thought, why don’t we all wear Christmas colors?! I play keyboard and sing in the worship team.

My worship leader politely declined, telling me she would be wearing fall colors—because it’s fall.

After a long, drawn-out sigh, I decided fall colors maybe weren’t such a crazy idea—because it’s fall.

Jacket: Wet Seal, $3.25

Top: H&M, $3.50

Pants: Forever 21, 25¢

Boots: Target, $15 (clearance)

We camped at Pismo Beach last week. It was conveniently located near a cluster of thrift shops, one of which, contained this magical place called “The 25¢ Room.”

I was in thrifter’s heaven.

I quickly snatched up this pair of black Forever 21 jeans and a Harry Potter shirt. I returned on three separate occasions. My second trip brought me more joy when I dug up this mint-condition faux leather jacket by Wet Seal. It is so comfy and warm.

0 Fall OOTD thrift store fashion jacket and boots

Without courage all other virtues lose their meaning - Churchill necklace

Chris gave me this necklace when he surprised me in August. I love simple necklaces with pendants. This one says “Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning. – Churchill.

0 Fall fashion thrift store collage

Kobe photobombed the rest of my photoshoot.

He looks so coy. Don’t believe it.

14 Gold-green fall smokey smoky eye

9 Fall makeup wet n wild bare it all


For makeup, I did a gold-green smokey eye (Twitter inspired), and I’ve been loving Wet n Wild’s Megalast Lip Color in Bare It All. It’s a perfect nude lip, moisturizing, and a great $1.99 dupe for Mac’s Velvet Teddy.

Are you interested in makeup tutorials or fashion hauls? I’d love to know what your favorite kind of posts are!

My mom smiled and got down on her knee, pointing the camera at me. “What do I do?” I asked, fidgeting.

“Nothing. Just hold still.” She snapped the picture, stood, and looked more than pleased with herself. She showed me.

0 Fall OOTD selfie girl brunnette autumn leaves pretty Rebekah Koontz

Yeah. Pretty sure she aced her photography class in college.

What are your fall/autumn fashion essentials?

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10 thoughts on “Fall OOTD (Thrift Store Fashion)

    1. Me too. But don’t worry! When you do get a meaningful gift, it’ll be SO special, then all the waiting will be worth it. (That kinda sounds like relationship advice, lol)
      This is why I LOVE thrift shopping!


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