I Sing “My Wants Been Changed”

I Sing %22My Wants Been Changed%22

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to sing a solo at church! I think the last time I’ve sang was with my family back in April.

I sing in the church choir every Sunday, and while that does jolt my nerves every now and then, it’s nothing like how I felt in the half hour, leading up to my great debut.

I hardly spoke. That says something, if you’ve been around me at all—past eleven in the morning.

I’d been sick. I have that lingering cough. It didn’t help settle my nerves. I was sure to bring some tea to sip before evening service that night, hoping it would wash away any phlegm.

“Something to take the edge off, Rebekah?” One of the men asked as I dunked a teabag in hot water. “You’re singing tonight, aren’t you?”

“It’s called ‘calming camomile’.” I nodded, sullenly. Then I flashed him a deranged look and screamed, “I NEED TO BE CALM!”

Everyone in the kitchen laughed. But in retrospect, no one dared to speak to me again after that.

I practiced my deep breathing and other typical pre-performance regimes like How-Not-To-Throw-Up 101.

Then, we sang in the choir, offertory passed, and Pastor gave me the nod.

My time had come.

I had a good time, and besides being nervous that my voice may go out, I feel really good about how the song went!

I love to sing, so I’m hoping this is a stepping stone toward more improvements in my singing future!

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