Fall Inspiration 🍂

Hello Fall

In the autumn/wintertime, I fall in love.

With what? You may ask. Is it the crisp fall leaves? Pumpkin spice? The rich fall colors you stubbornly wear year-round?


I fall in love with Pinterest. Pinterest is the social media equivalent to that ex who’s all bad for you, a waste of time, but every now and then, they show you attention or give you an amazingly thoughtful gift, so you think maybe they do care, maybe we can make this work, and you’re never free from their spell.

That’s Pinterest.

This post won’t be very wordy—which feels lazy on my part. However, I love posts like this, so you’re welcome, Me, and you’re welcome, Fellow Visually Stimulated Blog Reader (I shall call you FVSBR, for short).

Silver leaf acorns

0d28adeb82b7356c605d9563766a9ba1Sunflower decoration

Ginger snaps
Fall inspiration fashion

DIY stick candlePumpkin peekaboo cake

Mostly, I was looking for cool dessert ideas for a costume party my family was hosting.

I attempted this Pumpkin Peekaboo Poundcake, had a few glitches, but it ended up being pretty cool! Posts to come.

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