The Perfect October Read


“Don’t pack away the book with the blood on it,” I said.

My mom scanned the stacks and stacks of books that lined the wall under my window. “Which book?”

“It has blood on it. No. It has blood on it.”

Exciting news: I got a new desk! It’s strange to write on a solid surface. Typically, if I shifted legs, my laptop, mouse, cords, and all would tilt with me.

Being that I got a new desk, I needed to pack away a lot of books. I filled three boxes, but I was very particular to what could go and what could stay.

I had read Bliss by Lauren Myracle on our trip to New York and it made my skin crawl. So I thought, what better book to read in October?

For those interested, I’m opening this up as a #BlogBookClub read. Check out Paper Towns and Eleanor and Park to see how that works.

Remember to use the hashtag #BekahsBooks to be featured in the post! Happy reading.

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