What Blogging Has Done To Me

What Blogging Has Done To Me

I was inspired by Jenny In Neverland’s post, “How Blogging Has Changed My Life.” My eyes flicked across the title, and my mind whirred, beeped, and came to life.

Except, my brain works differently than most people’s.

Most people check and make sure they have milk for the sauce, before cooking the pasta. I’m not like that.

I thought of a completely different direction to Jenny’s post. My thoughts grew more complex. My smile spread, and I knew I had to write it. Except, I’m calling my post What Blogging Has Done To me.


1. Blogging has taken away any hope of my eating warm food because I must Instagram it first, especially if it’s pretty. And restaurants have really bad lighting.


2. Blogging requires me to keep my room clean for photos. 

Head shake, painful sad crying

3. Blogging makes me late to all events, because I only get dressed once in a blue moon, and when that happens, I have to instagram/snapchat/twitter/and facebook it to record it’s reality.


4. Blogging forces me to spend money on useless but adorable trinkets and things that I conjure legitimate uses for, but never use.

%22It's so fluffy I'm gonna die%22

5. Blogging has connected me to awesome people on the other side of the world! Which means real Adults (note, the serious-looking capital A) see my phone as this life-line to outer space, and they get angry when I’m constantly on my cell because they rather I leave the alien’s alone.

Laughing cute text

6. Blogging makes my wallet cringe, because now I know the wonders of high end products. Ugh, Ulta Beauty why. . .

Shopping 2

7. Blogging forces me to think in 10-point format, when I used to never care about numbers.

Seriously. This is crazy. I can barely count.

Ten fingers hands awkward

I’ll come up with nine points and stare out the window for half an hour. Then I’ll come up with two more points, which makes eleven. Eleven is not ten.


8. Blogging taught me the correct way of saying “gif”.


No. That’s a lie. It just made me more confused.

9. Blogging has made it clear that whoever I marry will also have to be a part-time photographer. 

Zach Efron kiss

10. Blogging has turned me into an over-describing human being.

Blah blah blah

You’ll need an example for this one.

Cue the poor, unknowing soul who will regret having said anything: “I love those shoes!”

Me: “Yeah? I got them at H&M, on sale for $5.99, they also came in white but they sold out in my size, so I was like bummer. I didn’t even know about the sale until I saw it on Twitter. They were advertising it as “Black Friday in the middle of summer,” and I thought “if they’re describing it as Black Friday, it MUST be good!” So I went online. I also bought heels, three tank tops, a dress, and a purse!”

*glazed look in their eye, turns into visible pain*


Me: “I mean… Thank you. I like them too.”


No. In all honesty, I consider myself lucky to be a blogger. Lucky to have people who are interested in what I have to say and who enjoy my work.

It’s thrilling! Even if it does make me an odd person every now and then.

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13 thoughts on “What Blogging Has Done To Me

  1. It’s like you know me, like you read my notes, and wrote my life. Except I’m not about the shoes. I’m about the coffee. And the books. And, okay, the shoes. And the nails. But really, it’s about how many different ways can I Instagram my same coffee tumbler?
    Can you help me with that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do know you, and I have read your notes. I am everywhere. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. 👻 Bwahaha.
      I can help you with Instagram photos! Use the same photo, but change it to black and white. No one will ever know. #Solution!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol SO good, SO funny and SO true!!! You really got it down in one. It has to be 4, 5, and 10 for me well and truly, I feel like I can’t talk normally to ‘non-bloggers’ now, half of them have no idea what I’m talking about, including my family!! Lol lovely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh Rebeka! I love your posts! I love the humor behind it all! It’s so fun to rad!
    I can’t agree more with what you’ve written. Not to mention the “over-describing human being” part. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m realizing how many times I’ve done it!
    Jade xo.


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