How You Know You’re Losing Your Mind

How you know you're losing your mind humor

“Hey. You okay? You seem a little off.”

“I’m fine. Just losing my mind.”

“Oh good. I was afraid it was something serious.”


1. When you start calling your boyfriend “Fred”… and his name isn’t Fred.

The proposal I call him

2. If you’re constantly walking into the bathroom and doing that double-take, “what was I doing in here?” 

Confused. Thinking. Quiet twitch

3. If you talk to your pet constantly.

Dog pet animal talking

(Just kidding that’s totally normal.)

4. When you yell at someone for interrupting a conversation you were having with yourself


5. If you’re still standing in the middle of the bathroom, watching yourself in the mirror and saying, “I’m in the bathroom. What was I going to do in the bathroom? Hmm…”

What wait hold on

6. If you’ve Tweeted “TGI FRI-YAYYYYYY!!!” on a Thursday and made everyone mad.


7. When you accuse a family member of stealing the food off your plate, while chewing on said food.

food where's my mac and cheese

8. If you’ve thought of something really funny and burst into laugher at the worse possible time. 

“We must remember to keep Mrs. Mary in our prayers. As you all know, she had a terrible fall yesterday and was rushed to the hospital. . .”

laughing burst

9. When you’ve been talking and talking and talking and suddenly cut your monologue with, “wait. What?”

You could’ve given away your first child and you have no idea.


10. When you get in the shower, half clothed. 

Notebook %22it's too late%22 rain sad shower

11. If you make strange facial expressions as someone speaks, because instead of listening, you’re thinking about the time you went to Disneyland when you were nine, “and was that when I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses?


I hope I’ve cleared any doubt in your mind that you still are in possession of your mind.

But if you’re too far gone, don’t worry about it.

We’re all a little mad here.

Alice in wonderland mad crazy bonkers

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