Things I Tell Myself

Things I tell myself

I maybe talk to myself a little too much.

It’s what keeps me sane. Ha-ha.

Every time I do, I have Lizzie McGuire flashbacks to that little cartoon in her head. I think, in different ways, we all have a little cartoon of ourselves screaming, running, or speaking dead-pan in our heads. That little voice.

Lizzie McGuire. Boys. Relationship. Guys will high five me but they won't hold my hand

My cartoon usually begins with a long sigh, followed by, “Rebekah. . . ”

Unless, of course, I’m selling myself something. Then I get really creative.


1. Buying more post-its — in different shapes and colors! — will turn me into a more organized and responsible human being. 

2. Highlighters help me focus better in school. Highlighting = Memorization. 

3. You don’t have lice, Rebekah. Your scalp is just itchy.

4. I’m not spending money if it’s a SALE. I’m saving money. 

5. This top isn’t that see through. I’ll stay out of the light.

6. Did I just spit? No one noticed. *boy points it out from across the room*

7. I’m sure I smell fine.

8. *Me at the thrift store* This top is $3.99, which is a little more than I would like to pay. But if I leave the $1 book, it basically makes the top $2.99. And I would buy it if it was $2.99. . . Eh. I’ll buy everything. That mug too. And the skirt.

9. Oh no. That sounded like a toot. Stay calm. If I make the sound again, everyone will know it, in fact, is not a toot. WHY CAN’T I MAKE THE SOUND AGAIN?!

10. I’m going to grow into those shoes.

11. I can’t throw that away. I may need it! I haven’t used it in the past five years, but you never know. A cheese cookbook is really handy to have!

Honestly, I encourage you to talk to yourself more often! (Silently, in your head, though. I knew a guy who spoke aloud, flapping his hands and scolding the sky. Don’t be him. . .)

If you’re talking to yourself, you’re quiet on the outside, which invites other’s opinions and it keeps you from saying something stupid. Win-win.

Like the Proverb says, even a fool is considered wise if he keeps silent.

And you won’t ever have to share the private, sometimes moronic, conversations you have inside your head. Unless you are me, and you think it’s funny. In that case, you can share in the comments below. *wink*

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6 thoughts on “Things I Tell Myself

    1. The “most humorous and entertaining post”? That is SUCH a compliment! Thank you so much!
      Believe me. I’m glad we’re both not insane. Otherwise, let’s share a cell, yeah? White walls are great for insta photos.


  1. I think I do this WAY too often. Only the other day I was thinking – I feel like I have 2 little mini-me’s one on each shoulder, you know one in white the other in red! One telling me how ‘fun it would be to keep looking through Twitter, just for 5 more minutes’, the other saying to me ‘yes but you could also tidy that draw or reply to that email during that 5 minutes’! Sadly too often I find myself listen to the red one lol 🙂

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