Right and Wrong?

Right and wrong? Is there a difference? Rebekah Koontz site

Recently, gay marriage was legalized in the United States. This is not a post on whether I am for or against homosexuality. This isn’t a post on my opinion at all.

This post—really—is just a question, a concern even, and I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

Not too many years ago, homosexuality was considered wrong, morally and biologically. It was an unfortunate condition some suffered with. Now, it is considered normal, natural, and right.

My concern is: How many other things that are “wrong” today will be considered “right” a few years from now?

As the support of homosexuality has grown, the following phrases have been tossed around: “If it makes them happy…”, “Love, don’t hate”, and “Love wins.”

But here’s where it gets scary. Where does, “If it makes them happy…” end?

What if it makes them happy to marry three of their best friends? Or their puppy Brutus? Or their little sis?

What if they “love” sexual contact with third grade girls and boys, or prostitutes, or farming equipment? Does “love win” again?

Is anything wrong? Or is it all up for a popular vote?

… Did we open Pandora’s box?

I take it back. I will share my personal opinion, and that personal opinion is that I don’t want my kids (or grandkids) growing up in a world where incest and pedophilia are okay!

I have a line, a line where right and wrong separate.

Do you?

We are living in a day and age where almost anything is accepted. Judgers are the ones hated.

But are we moving into a place where there is no right and wrong anymore? Who decides what is right and wrong? The government, the times, God, parents, society?

Will we go so far that murder is no longer wrong? To a place where we can justify taking the life of another person? (We’re already doing it with abortion…¹)

What about robbing a bank, if it’s for a good cause?

Where’s the line?

I’m scared.

Not to cause panic, but I think you should be scared too.

Do you think Pandora’s box has been opened? Or maybe you think the divide of right and wrong is unnecessary?

I’d like to know in the comments.

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¹ Yes. This is my personal opinion, and I know others think differently.

² I am in no way accusing homosexuals for “opening Pandora’s box,” or anything of the sort. I am merely using them as an example of the change in public opinion from something that was considered “wrong” and is now considered “right”.

11 thoughts on “Right and Wrong?

  1. God is still in control.The things that are happening are no surprise to Him. He has drawn very clear lines in His word which is still truth. As Bible believing Christians, we must stand up for that by speaking the truth in love.

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  2. Well said. 🙂 A while back I saw a TV show where a brother and sister fell in love, but they didn’t know they were related. Then, when they found it, they stated that they were in love and they still wanted to get married. Of course, it was portrayed as freakish and twisted on the show, but in 20 years (or less) will that be okay? Normal, even? *shivers*

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  3. I worry about many of these things, too. Where do we draw the line? It’s not for us to judge, but it is for us to stand up. Unfortunately, a stand up Christian gets beatened down while the politically correct get celebrated. It’s hard to know what’s right and wrong these days. Someone once told me they don’t believe in mental illness because it’s not in the Bible, only demon possession is. But cars aren’t in the Bible either, and we’re all driving them.


  4. I have heard about a psychiatrist that is trying to normalize pedophilia. After gay marriage was legalized because it’s “who they are and how they’re made.” And their affections for each other are “natural and how they’re wired.” He’s trying to make the same argument for the pedophiles. Saying their affection for children is natural and how they’re wired. And that we should accept them for who/how they are. It could be false. But then again, with how things are and how the Bible says they’ll get worse and worse, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.


  5. I sincerely hope that we do not live in a world which will one day celebrate pedophilia or incest, as there are definite psychological concerns with both of these things, unlike homosexuality. I take your point, but I shall be celebrating the freedoms that come with living in the modern world until I have reason not to. I hope that we will continue to develop understanding and be more compassionate, as I do agree that ‘judgers’ are often seen to be in the wrong, as you say. Another thoughtful post, Rebekah, and I admire you for your willingness to discuss topics which may be viewed as controversial!

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    1. I always appreciate your thoughtful comments, Megan! I agree, I want our society to be kind and respectful. I just hope our beliefs of right and wrong aren’t sacrificed in the process of being understanding and compassionate.


  6. The question you need to consider in deciding weather something is right or wrong is not ‘Does it make them happy’ but ‘Does it hurt anyone else’. When this is the criteria you use, none of the examples you cite would ever become acceptable.

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    1. But what if a brother and sister fall in love with each other? A ten year old girl says she WANTS to marry the 40 year old man? We’re already giving children the freedom to choose their sex, so is that much of a stretch? Those are the things I’m referring to.
      Otherwise, yes I agree. “Your freedom ends, where another’s begins.” If it’s forced upon one individual, it doesn’t apply.


      1. The brother and sister cant marry because of the risk of harm to potential children due to genetics. The 10yr old couldnt get married because it would involve physical and psychological harm to her (even if she did not realise this).


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