My Surprise

My surprise, long distance relationship, romance, love

My mom came in my room at 9:35am. “I thought you’d be awake,” she said. She told me that since my boyfriend’s mom was having a surprise birthday party the next day, she wanted to go to the mall and buy a gift.

She knew the word “mall” was enough to get me up, dressed, and out of the door.

I was up and dressed, but my mom started to have “laptop troubles”. She had been having laptop troubles a lot lately. I was obviously too deep into my morning stupor to stop and think, why is she on her laptop if we’re going out?

Finally, we left.

We browsed Macy’s and found a great sale. My mom got some things for herself and we kept an eye out for something purple. I texted Chris, asking him what size his mom was. We found her a gorgeous top.

After Macy’s, I wanted to shop. I had my eye on a pair of jeans at the ENTIRE STORE $12.95 place. I picked some up and went to pay, only to have the incoherent Korean lady tell me that they were $28.50. Suddenly denim was excluded. I wanted to throw a fit.

I left the store empty handed, mom in tow, and then I threw a fit.

I wanted to shop some more, but my mom started on about how we both hadn’t eaten, and she needed to get back home because she had a lot of work to do.

“Who you texting?” She asked as we stepped into the car.


“Are you telling him we’re on our way home?”

“I’m telling him about what that lady did with the jeans. SHE specifically told me to my face that those jeans were twelve dollars last time I was in there.” I was still fuming, unaware of my mom’s direct and rather persistent question.

We arrived home, and I changed into a pair of my brother’s old basketball shorts and a Sea Cadet T-shirt. I stood in the living room and fumed to my little brother about my nonexistent jeans.

I heard something outside and turned to look. It was just the mailman. I went back to typing my tale of jean-less woe onto my phone to send to Chris.

“See!” My mom said suddenly, pointing at the new mailman. “They got rid of Liam. I knew something had to be wrong. There have been issues with our mail lately.”

I responded with a hmm, and sent the text message to Chris.

I didn’t hear the cheerful beep come from behind me.

I heard the pounding of someone running through the house. Then two strong arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me into the air, and I thought, these arms look familiar. Then I thought, I didn’t know my little brother was strong enough to pick me up.

My mom thought: Oh my gosh. If he scares her, she’s going to punch him in the face!

My little brother thought: What is he doing here?

That’s when I turned, in all my numb, confused, stupefaction and saw Chris. I recognized this person as Chris. I know Chris. But I looked at my phone, blankly. I had just texted Chris, and the Chris I texted lived six hours away. But the Chris standing before me was standing before me.

That’s when I realized it was a surprise. Smiles and greetings and hugs commenced.

And all my emotions caught up with me and I cried.

He stayed for about five days and it was the best surprise ever. The last time I had seen him was back in March. Some of you may not know or remember that a long distance boyfriend exists. He does. I thought I wouldn’t get to see him until Christmas.

My mom had known he was coming for weeks (maybe months). She said she prayed over and over for God to forgive her for lying, but she kept having to stall that morning. That was why the “laptop troubles” and random tangent about the mail man.

The people who are close to me are so sneaky.

I had the best week ever. I was basically MIA from social media. Sometimes, to have the best time, you’ve got to put the Twitter away.

I told Chris I probably wouldn’t blog about him visiting, but I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog content, and I feel myself being bullied by the imaginary Editor again. So I want to start blogging about what I want to blog about and take up the reins again.

This week meant a lot to me, so I wanted to share it.

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16 thoughts on “My Surprise

    1. It’s such a crazy feeling to be surprised by someone that your brain is CONVINCED is gone! I’m so happy I wrote this post. I’m hearing from everyone else who’s in a LDR. It’s kind of cool! How long have you guys been together? Lol, I’m all ready for girl talk. 😄


  1. What a great surprise! Thanks for sharing! I think it’s great that you are taking over that editor mind of yours and sharing stuff on this blog that YOU want to share! It’s hard to loose sight of these things but as a follower of your blog I really do enjoy reading what happy things happened in your life! I hope you get to see your boyfriend again soon!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot. I mean, I still think silly thoughts (like about Rapunzel) and have an interest in a hundred different things, but I don’t want to overlook the joys in life. Especially years from now when I look back and think “darn, I wish I wrote about that.” You know?
      What’s your blog content philosophy?


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