The San Diego Zoo

Rebekah Koontz at San Diego zoo A Lifestyle Post

There are few moments in life that measure the true level of our maturity. For some, it’s the moment the ice cream truck chimes it’s way down the street, or the sibling showdown for the last Oreo. For others, it’s the overwhelming temptation a rolled up towel becomes when they see a familiar derrière pass by.

For the members of my College And Career Sunday School Class, our moment was when we were brainstorming for activities and someone yelled out, “zoo!”

It was a guy. And he was 100% joking, thinking he was oh-so silly, which made him 100% surprised when the rest of us cheered. “YES!”

Jake with Ape

I was accompanied by some familiar faces, Jake and Lorraine, who proved to be the best zoo buddies you could have, as they: 1. Spend an adequate amount of time watching and commenting on the animals. 2. They never leave you behind. And 3. Are all-around fun to be with.

Those things are important when recruiting zoo buddies.

This is a quick, picture-heavy blog post. So without further ado here are some shots from the trip!


Ape san diego zoo

Lorraine selfie San Diego Zoo

Hippo San Diego Zoo

Flamingo San Diego Zoo

Jake Lifting Elephant foot San Diego Zoo

Elephant San Diego Zoo

Giraffe bottom

Giraffes friends twins San Diego Zoo

A Jake creature San Diego Zoo

Bear in water San Diego Zoo

This is the sassiest looking lizard of all time (that’s his tail stretched out in the background).

Chill lizard San Diego Zoo

Big hairy ape yawning San Diego Zoo

Big Ape San Diego Zoo

Lizard looking at camera san Diego Zoo

It was a lot of fun. A lot of walking. I was glad I brought sneakers so I could change out of my flip-flops. And I barely got sunburned! For those of you thinking of going to the San Diego Zoo, keep in mind the large hills and constant walking. However, you are allowed to bring sack-lunches and water bottles in, which is nice.

What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?

My favorite are the chubby/fluffy ones.

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16 thoughts on “The San Diego Zoo

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to a zoo for such a long time! I honestly can’t remember much about the last time I went; it was probably over ten years ago, so all I can remember is getting some stuffed animals (a zebra and a snake). Until I get to go to the zoo again, it’s always fun to read about other people’s zoo adventures. It definitely looked like you had some great zoo buddies to go with! And that sassy lizard looks so funny, haha.

    Melissa // The Hopeful Wayfarer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like you are definitely due to go! I’m willing to share my zoo buddies with you if you like. 😜
      Zoo trips aren’t something you need to do every year (like a theme park or something) but definitely fun to go every now and then! I hope you can soon!
      Haha, that lizard is my favorite.

      Liked by 1 person

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