What I Imagine The Blogging World To be

What I Imagine The Blogging World To Be Rebekah Koontz Site

The Blogosphere is a beautiful place. Neighbors are friendly and encouraging (as long as you keep to appropriate hashtags). Backgrounds are white. And there are always fresh flowers. Everywhere. Long stemmed and vibrant in porcelain vases on the breakfast nook.

The Blogosphere smells good, like Bath and Body Works mixed with the smells of home. In the Summer, it smells of watermelon lemonade. In the Fall, it smells of pumpkin spice and leaves. But nothing beats the smell of the Blogosphere in Christmas time. Mmm…

This place is a community. We each pull our weight, and we pull together. We sit in a circle on folding chairs and pass The Talking Stick around. We listen and respond and are never harsh.

We’re all in this together.


The Blogosphere is always neat. Immaculate kitchens, sparkling bathrooms, made beds, DIY projects hanging on the walls. The interior design will always be a reflection of that seasons’ color scheme.

Blogosphere inhabitants live in one of three places: the beach, the city, or a white-walled bedroom. We seem to understand this isn’t as varied as it should be, but it makes for the best photography, so we’re happy.

The food in the Blogosphere is by far the best. The kitchen is regularly stalked and overflowing with delicious fruits and vegetables that look so good, even you will eat them. Bread is baked fresh in the oven every morning, and it never makes you fat. Coffee is at the ready, complete with cute, Instagram-able mugs.


And the lighting. The lighting is perfect. It’s never gloomy in the Blogosphere. Natural light floods every room. Your skin glows. Your hair glistens. You can read for hours and hours.

The Blogosphere sounds like jazz music and laughter as we munch cookies, sip tea, and discuss the latest Twitter chat.

We can throw a heck of a party.

Brainstormers are the only things that ever break in the Blogosphere. When they do, we grieve and wear black. We bake homemade Pinterest casserole and make house calls. And soon, the Brainstormer will be pumping full-speed again.


Basically, I want to live in the Blogosphere. I want a wooden desk, and a vintage watch, and an apple desktop with the analogue clock on the screen. I want to have donuts and croissants every morning and not gain weight, and for an afternoon snack, I’ll have fancy yogurt in an Aeropostale bowl, and the toppings will be half sliced strawberries, a quarter granola, and a quarter blueberries. I’ll eat outside on my porch overlooking the ocean while my dog curls up at my feet.

The funny thing is, we know this world doesn’t exist! We know our bathroom has splatters of toothpaste, the dog’s been rolling in weeds, clouds block the sun, and all the stuff that was on the now-clean desk is littering and scattered across the carpet.

Are we frauds? It’s all a sham, yet we all do it. I do it. (Don’t lie, I follow your blog.) You do it.

Perhaps we all just want to be a part of this beautiful imaginary community, and no one wants to break the magic.

I can accept that.

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21 thoughts on “What I Imagine The Blogging World To be

  1. I read the title – AND JUST THE TITLE – of this post and immediately had HSM running through my head. Clicking on the full post…and what do you know, Rebekah Koontz chose that gif! Great minds do think alike…

    How’s the reading going? I just finished my Theory read (Performing History by Freddie Rokem) and I don’t think it merits a review, so I’m onto my next Theory read (On Theatre by Badal Sircar, a book I probably should already have read by this point in my career), and in my simultaneous Fiction read, I’m still slogging my way through 500+ pages of Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk, which will make for an interesting review; I’m almost at the 3/4 point. My next fiction read will be picking up where I left off in Spider Web by Earlene Fowler (15th and final book in the Benni Harper mystery series, I started it on the plane home from Baltimore last month) and then it’s onto GOOD GRIEF (finally, and it had to come here all the way from Arkansas!). After that I have 2 more fiction books out from the library that I need to conquer, Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth (sequel to Call the Midwife), and Seaside by Scarlett Thomas (third and final Lily Pascale mystery book after In Your Face and Dead Clever, both of which have reviews on my blog). Also in the Fiction pipeline: Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson and The Way to the Cats by Yehoshua Kenaz.

    Also, since I have SO many books in my apartment, I plucked 5 randomly selected titles off of my fiction shelf and posted them online, and whichever one someone wants to claim for themselves is the one which will get bumped to the top of my reading pile so I can finally read it and get it out of my apartment. Maybe you’d be interested in one of these five titles for a future book club, and if so, I’ll read and send you my copy FOR FREE la la la:

    Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
    Sahara Special by Esme Raji Codell
    The Yokota Officers Club by Sarah Bird
    Zorro by Isabel Allende
    The Worst Day of My Life So Far by M. A. Harper

    Anyway, blah blah blah, time to go be productive 😦

    Talk to ya soon home slice.


  2. Oh my god, this is the best thing ever!!

    Everybody makes their blog life so glamorous, or if they’re like me they try to! Nobody will ever see a bedroom tour from me because I am the worst at keeping my room clean or at least decent! Lol

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      1. I’m glad you did a hashtag, I was like “oh god! I hope she doesn’t get mad at me for doing that! It’s not Twitter Meghan!” lol but yes, my room my rules! 🙂

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  3. Such an interesting post and you’ve got the themes of the blogging community so right. However it does make me wonder about the spaces we don’t see, anything other than the desk space. ‘Does this famous blogger have a chair full of unorganized clothes on it?’ and similar questions pass my mind.

    Wildfire Charm

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