Replying To Comments On: “Calling Him Caitlyn”

Replying to comments on Calling Him Caitlyn by Rebekah Koontz

On June 5th, I wrote Calling Him Caitlyn.

I knew I was going against the general consensus. That is what prompted me to write it. My dad has described it as me saying the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

But I want to talk about the comments that were posted in reply.

A majority of you didn’t agree. Some of you didn’t know or didn’t choose to take a stance either way, and some of you agreed with me.

The thing is it doesn’t really matter if you agree. There comes a point where it’s us and our convictions, lying in bed and staring at the ceiling in a dark room, and there’s nothing that will change our mind. I get that.

But those of you who read my post and disagreed—some of you are even bloggers I know rather well (from stalking your sites), so I feel like we’re friends—you disagreed with me, and that’s fine.

If you disagreed with me from the start, it took something for you to continue reading, whether it be curiosity, fabulous writing, or respect of my opinion. That means a lot to me.

In the long run of writing, a writer just wants to be read. So thank you for listening to what I had to say.

Furthermore, a woman named Julie Rankin made this comment: “What a kind, mature audience you have on your blog!”

On Twitter, people were nasty. They called me names and “disrespectful.” They hadn’t even read my post. My only reply was that disagreeing with someone isn’t disrespect. Though inside, I couldn’t believe that people who boast in the way of “the new normal” and “keeping an open mind; no judging” could be so down and harsh to one person who disagreed with their opinion. That hardly seemed fair.

Even though several of you may have disagreed with me, you did it in a kind way. No one attacked me. Some were even kind enough to agree with a point or two, even if they didn’t concede with the whole thing.

In some weird, mushy way, I do feel like we’re a big creepy family here. The kind of family that lives miles apart and is about 87.4% certain other family members aren’t total, serial killer psychos.

It’s kinda sweet.

I like the imaginary we’re-all-sitting-at-a-mahogany-table-sipping-coffee-and-discussing-writing atmosphere that is the comment section. And I’m so happy that this post has proven that the comment section is a safe place to discuss and disagree in a kind, mature fashion, like Julie said.

For my blog to spur on kindness and respect is something for me to be proud of. I don’t know if I have anything to do with it, if it’s my content, or simply a God thing.

I may disagree with someone. You may disagree with my disagreeing. But my job in both writing and my faith in God isn’t to force anyone to agree, but merely to share my views and my experiences, lay it out in front of you, and let you decide.

So thank you to those who read my words. That’s all I ask.

And I hope we can continue to be a big creepy family that lives miles apart and is about 87.4% certain other family members aren’t total, serial killer psychos.

Because, it’s kinda sweet.

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9 thoughts on “Replying To Comments On: “Calling Him Caitlyn”

  1. Rebekah, I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here… I’m at least 91% sure you aren’t a total serial killer psycho, don’t be so hard on yourself 😉

    As someone who disagreed with you, I can safely say I read your post because I enjoy your writing. Also, I appreciated the opportunity to read about the issue from your point of view, and as usual when I visited your blog I was not disappointed.

    I was unaware that you had been criticised on Twitter, and it saddens me to know that not everyone was as kind as those on your blog. Writing a post that goes against the general consensus is brave, and should be appreciated rather than kicked to the corner as ‘wrong’ or ‘disrespectful’. I did not find your post disrespectful in the slightest, so it seems ridiculous to me that someone would have said this to you!?

    I don’t actually think I started writing this comment with any purpose, except to say that I will continue reading your posts and I hope that you continue to speak out when you feel appropriate. After all, in a sea of ‘YAY TEAM CAITLYN’ posts, yours was by far the most memorable!

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    1. YES! That gains me—what—4.6% closer to Non Killer Psycho-ness? I’m blushing!

      Your comment was soo encouraging. I’m always so appreciative when you read my posts. Thank you for all the nice things you said. I basically read your comment and let out a sigh of relief!

      I’m at least 91% certain you aren’t a total serial killer psycho, too. . . Aww. Now I’m getting mushy. =-P


  2. As a Christian myself i 100% agreed with you after reading your post. Sorry to hear the Twitter audience didn’t take it well. It takes guts to stand up for ur beliefs especially in the world we live in today but at the end if the day as long as u stand firm to what you believe in and not waver in ur faith, the good Lord will reward u accordingly ☺


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    1. You’re so right, Joanny. Thank you for the encouragement! I did have to stand up and be firm in what I believed and I’m so glad there are people like you and other followers on my blog that respected that and were so kind EVEN in disagreeing.
      Thank you for what you said. It means a lot. =-)

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  3. I’m so sorry the twitter peeps (tweeps?) weren’t so kind as your blog readers. I think many people could learn from the type of
    civil discourse that took place on that post and this one! I’m thankful for your words and your willingness to share. Us writers just wanna write and write from the heart, and I believe that is what you did and do. Keep it up girl!

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