At Church With Only A Skirt On

Church skirt #OOTD

I basically showed up at church, wearing nothing but my grandma’s old skirt.

And I got nothing but compliments.

When I wear this outfit, ladies ask me questions. It begins with an over-all praise, then their expression focuses. They step back, stare at my knees, and say, “wait. Is it a skirt or a dress?”


Secondhand skirt, vintage wing-tip shoes, Brunette ombre, pretty girl, church OOTD

Having been blessed with five feet and two inches vertically, I struggle to find clothes that stay on my small frame.

That may sound like bragging to you. But believe me when I say: if you’re going to invest in wearing clothes on a Sunday, you want those clothes to stay on your body.

Otherwise, it’s a waste of investment.

Safety pins were introduced early on, and my life was changed. I’d hike skirts up to my chest, pin them tight under my arm, add a belt for figure, and a cardigan as extra cover-up.

Vintage, secondhand skirt, modest, church clothes OOTD

Just like that, I repurposed a vintage skirt. The skirt is also longer in the back, so I effortlessly created a high-low. Win for the win!

Rebekah, you’re too proud of yourself. Calm down.

I’m sorry, Rebekah, you’re right. Calming down . .

Model pose, vintage secondhand clothes, modest girl

A few years ago, I thought “modesty” meant buttoned up polo shirts and baggy jean skirts, but that’s not true.

I just want to say that this outfit is modest. It covers the five B’s [belly, back, boobs, butt, bra]. It’s also passed the knee. And (hopefully I’m not the only one who thinks this,) but I think this outfit is really nice.

I don’t have a sister, but I’m in a sisterly, girly-advice-giving while I brush your hair and paint your toenails mood, apparently. Also let’s be honest, I wanted to show you my outfit. Anyways, I’m just saying.

You can still look fashionable, while keeping the boys’ eyes—up here.

Side shot, church girl OOTD modest clothes

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12 thoughts on “At Church With Only A Skirt On

    1. Modest style UNITE! No it makes me really happy that you said that. =-) I think modesty and midi skirts are coming back now, but there was a time that if you were too covered up for people’s taste, you were considered a prude. I don’t know if it was like that for you growing up.

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      1. I was more of a tomboy until, like, 10th grade (so I mostly just stuck to t-shirts and gym shorts, haha), and then my high school’s dress code was pretty strict (I personally thought it was reasonable, but a lot of people though otherwise). Nobody seemed to mind if I wore outfits that were more conservative. I’m glad that modesty is coming back now though! 🙂


      2. I wonder if it’s a tomboy thing. I was a tomboy too so I wanted comfy clothes I could have fun in, and those clothes are typically modest so I wonder if that factors in.


      3. Hm, that would make sense. Even now that I like wearing cute clothes, I still would rather not have to worry about adjusting my clothes every few minutes because they’re too short/revealing. I like being comfortable, and although I like fashion a lot more now, my main focus is still on having fun, haha.


      4. Haha me too!!! Every now and then I try to look cute and wear that shirt that refuses to cooperate, but then I remember how much I hate that cute shirt that refuses to cooperate. Having a good time is way more important.

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