Calling Him Caitlyn


I’m about to become very unpopular.

I’ve thought about writing this post but attempted to brush away the idea. I couldn’t.

I have something that needs to be said. I’m just struggling to find the words and the right tone.

Here goes.

I don’t agree with Bruce Jenner’s sex change.

I do have a relationship with God. I usually say that I’m a Christian, but I just came from a blog post written by a supposed “Christian” that advocated Bruce Jenner’s decisions.

That writer either reads a totally different Bible than I do or knows a totally different god.

This is the true way Christians should approach the situation: Hate the SIN, but LOVE the sinner.

“It’s not the job of Christians to judge. Leave the judgement to God and treat your neighbor with love.” Very true.

But if you see your neighbor walking blindly off the edge of a cliff into a pool of lava, are you going to “love” them and let them make their own decisions? (Remember, it’s not your job to judge. Maybe there’s something about that lava you don’t understand.) Or is it more loving to speak up to keep them from hurting themselves?

That is the viewpoint of Christians. Real Christians who understand that Bruce Jenner’s decision is a sin, just as WE, as Christians, sin every single day. We’re all dirty here. It’s not judgement. It’s the truth. The sad truth.

However, we get to choose whether to stay dirty or be cleaned.

Bruce Jenner is far from God. And just like all sinners who don’t come to the knowledge of having a saving grace and redemption in Jesus Christ, he’s not going to a nice place. And that place, hell, is real.

If I love him, I as a Christian, will tell him that hell is the horrible reality. Not as a judgement, but as a warning, because I love him. If Christians (and God) didn’t love, we wouldn’t care and would let each other do whatever the heck we felt like doing, right or wrong. I would also tell him that God does love him, and Jesus did die for HIM. If Caitlyn chooses to ignore this and live his or her own life, there’s nothing I can do. I love, don’t judge, but I can’t agree with someone’s decision to walk off a cliff into a pool of lava.

That is my Christian perspective.

I can’t help but think about his mother’s perspective. She conceived him, but it’s as if he’s saying she didn’t do it right, that her body messed up the chromosomes somewhere, and because of her body making that mistake, he’s had to live with this life-long misery.

How does that make her feel?

Must be how God feels.

I also don’t understand. He was married three times. Six children resulted from those marriages. How could he say that he’s always felt this way, that he should be a woman? That it was a “long struggle”? Keeping it PG, those three wives must’ve given him some kind of pleasure to result in six kids.

At 65 years old, he made me wonder if perhaps being a man bored him. He was a man for sixty five years and always toyed with the thought of being a woman. Now he had the money to do it, and the publicity would produce more money. Even his mom asked if it was about money.

In the long run, Caitlyn’s decisions are Caitlyn’s decisions, right or wrong. But it’s when it affects others in a negative way, negative because now young children are asking, “maybe I’m a mistake. Maybe I need to change, too?” that’s when it becomes a problem.

Kid’s are becoming confused, because they don’t understand. They naturally question everything around them, and now they’re questioning themselves. As if social status, their future endeavors, being a kid, and self-image weren’t enough, let’s add this to the pile.

I appreciate one lady writer who took the time to point at the Vanity Fair magazine and basically say if a “man” can look that beautiful on the cover, there’s honestly no hope for the rest of us. So we should stop trying to compare ourselves to these fake photoshopped women. That perfection is a fantasy.

If you’ve read this far, I want to thank you. Whether you agree with me or not, like I said, it’s not my job to judge, but I do need to say my piece.

If Bruce Jenner wants me to call him Caitlyn, I’ll call him Caitlyn. But I can’t refer to him as a she, because he isn’t. He’s just a guy who has grown confused and is now making decisions that by Biblical standards are immoral, and I can’t agree with or support that.

And I believe it takes more love not to agree.

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32 thoughts on “Calling Him Caitlyn

  1. I do fully agree with you. I believe problem is that today as people tend to question everything, each new and anticomformist thing should be considered as the right thing. However, not every newly experienced one is ‘right’.
    I feel inspired by the courage you took sharing this post on such a controversial topic.

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  2. it was interesting reading what you said, but i can’t agree with you. I don’t profess any religion (and I dn’t want to either) so maybe i see this in other perspective.

    I think he did that because that makes his happy i don’t think he is walking to a lava something he is just doing what is going to make him feel his real self, he didn’t say he doesn’t feel attracted to woman he said that he feels so attracted to them that he wanted to be a woman, i have to admit that is kind of twisted but at the end that is what he thinks.
    what would you do if you have a son/daughter gay? Would you deny their happiness Because the bible said it is a sin?


    1. If my son or daughter was gay, I would treat them with love. I don’t believe it is about happiness. If I may, I see it this way. . . Eating an entire box of Nilla Wafer cookies would make me REALLY happy, but my mom wouldn’t let me do it. Why? Because parents need to say no to teach, protect, and guide their children. So it isn’t about denying happiness.

      A straight answer to your question is that I would treat their homosexual struggle as I would any other struggle, such as pornography, or prostitution, or perhaps having a daughter who has an overwhelming desire to walk naked in public. You say you’re not religious so I don’t know your views on prostitution, but what if you had a daughter who wanted and desired to be a prostitute? I hope you would love her but teach her that . . . prostitution is wrong and she will never find that love she yearns for.

      Desire for sin is already built within us. It’s about learning how to control it, just as you would teach a child to learn to use the potty.

      I hope that answered your question. Whether you agree or not, I want to thank you for respecting me enough to read my post and your kind comment.


      1. thank you for your answer! Actually I was reading the other post and i came her curious about your answer to me I agree with what are you saying we definitely should teach our kids what is the right thing to do. I mean i would love to walk naked around but that’s not the right thing to do ( I don’t think nobody wants to see me naked anyway ) so I don’t .And well i wouldn’t let my daughter be a prostitute I will teach her to respect her body but there is a moment in life when we grow up and we are mature persons and we can make our own decisions. At the end we only know what is the best for us.

        An about your answer , i don’t think being gay is a problem but it is a struggle for them because some people don’t support them and don’t understand that situation. However it makes me happy to read that if you have a gay son or daughter you will treat him/her with love and you will support her or him.

        I think we should be tolerant and supportive it’s not our job to judge anybody. It’s like I’m not judging you for practicing a religion (and you’re not judging me either, i want to believe) if you think it makes you a better person and makes you happy , go fot it! you have my support and the support of your community .


      2. I definitely don’t JUDGE you for not practicing religion. In a way it makes me sad, because I have this void in my heart that I know can only be filled and at peace by knowing God loves me. But I sure don’t JUDGE you at all. I’m glad you read my blog and I’m glad you keep coming back, no matter that we disagree on things. =-)

        You’re right about parenting. We can only love and guide our children in the way that is right. Once our kids are older, their decisions are theirs and we continue to love nevertheless, because they’re our kids! Nothing will ever change that. =-) That’s exactly how God views me as His child, actually.. It’s pretty amazing.

        I’m SO appreciative of your comments and support!


  3. This is a very interesting post and it’s been great to read it from a different perspective. I agree and disagree with what you’ve said. Tbh, I’m not following this Bruce Jenner story to know very many (if any) facts about it other than the fact he has had a sex change. So I don’t know if I’m even worthy of a position to judge. I’m not a Christian (I’ve been Christened but don’t practise Christianity) and I’m very much a believer in, “If it’s not hurting or damaging others, then do whatever the hell you want if it makes you happy” theory. If it makes him happy, good for him. But I found the part about his previous marriages, his kids and his age very interesting. I always got the impression that for a person to feel how he did about his gender and go to such lengths to change it, that feeling is there pretty much from when you’re a child. It does seem a bit “out there” that at his age and time in his life he has decided to do this. But I guess you’ll never really know what goes on in another person’s head?

    Anyway, that’s enough of my rattling! I’ve basically just blabbered on and come to no solid conclusion haha! Good for him, or her for pursuing what will hopefully make him happy in the long run. Not everyone will agree with his decision and that’s cool! 🙂 xx


    1. Thank you for reading! Lol, your “blabbering” made me laugh. It’s so true, though, you never know what goes on in a person’s head. I wonder if his past wives knew what was going on inside his head.

      Whether you agree or not, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my opinion and not get upset at me, and thank you for the nice comment!


  4. I can’t agree with you on this, but I appreciate your perspective. I don’t think that Caitlyn’s transformation will make the average person – children included – question themselves, but may encourage people who had previously believed they were transgender to be able to make a confident next step, which I definitely see as a positive thing. As for the money, I think it’s a bit of a drastic measure just for extra publicity. It’s not as if the Kardashians/Jenners need anymore of that!

    This was an interesting read, thank you.

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    1. That is totally fine if you don’t agree, however I want to THANK you for reading. You as a blogger would understand. Having our words read is all we can ask for. So thank you. =-) And thank you for the kind comment.


  5. Amen! I agree 100% with you babe! He was born male, therefore he is male.

    On a side note; I would like to thank those who have commented for not being hateful and attacking my girlfriend. When I read this, I was proud of her for taking such a stand for her beliefs. But I was worried about how others would react.

    I have read the comments and none of them, from my perspective, have been hateful towards or attacking her. So I thank you for that. She posted what she believes in. No need to jugde and attack her for it.

    Now, for those who haven’t commented and are about to; please keep in mind what I’ve said. She is taking a stand in what she believes. There’s no need for hate towards her and attacking her. She has done none of that. She has only posted her beliefs. So please, my one request is to not attack her or hate her or qquestion her.

    Thank you.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your opinion Rebekah. I, too am a Christian, and am just feeling a bit at a loss with all the opinions on this issue and our societies outlook of late. I struggle with this because I know in the Bible it says to be sure to correct other believers who involve themselves with sin, but I am not sure what to do when unbelievers (which Caitlyn Jenner obviously is) commit what I believe to be sin from my interpretation of the Bible. The point where I am at now, is that I think love is the best answer and the best way to reach unbelievers. It does not mean I encourage the sin, but I am not going to be negative or condemn them to hell. Honestly, only God decides that! I appreciate your thoughts and the positive conversation and sharing of beliefs in your comments. What a kind, mature audience you have on your blog!


    1. Caitlyn Jenner is committing a sin. I say that to help you (I don’t want it to sound like I’m screaming at you from my computer screen, lol). God didn’t create him a man just so he could go and do this big huge thing to change what God intended. And the Bible is clear about homosexuality, “man and woman He created them.” Caitlyn Jenner is being praised by the world because he is of the world, while Jesus said, if you are like me, the world will hate you as it did me. The world doesn’t like pure, good, and innocent things.

      I say these things as your sister in Christ. I hope they help you.

      You are right with love, though. God loves homosexuals and transgenders and so should we.

      Thank you for YOUR positive comment and sharing your belief, even sharing that you’re struggling in your belief! You add to this kind, mature audience and I thank you.


  7. Christian right here! If God made you a male then that’s exactly what you are, no question there lol. I agree with this post 100% good job Beka! ❤

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  8. Firstly I would just like to say, Rebekah I think you’re really brave for voicing your opinion. I personally am not a Christian but I do believe in God. I can’t say I agree with 100% on some of the things you said, but I do very much agree with what you said about what he has done influencing children, and about the age/marriages/children etc! I do find that strange, as if he has felt this way since he was young, why leave it this late in life to change himself now. But in the long run, I am no one to judge and whatever he/she feels is up to them and their families. If he is genuine then I hope he is now happy but if he is not, well, that’s his mistake to have to live with. Also just to finish off, well said to Christopher, how lovely of you to be so supportive of your girlfriend, and yes I agree, it’s nice that we can all discuss these things in an sensible, adult and non-judgmental way with no hate or nastiness, that’s great 🙂 Hugs


    1. Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for reading! I understood that not everyone would agree 100% with me but the fact that you took the time to read, and comment, and be kind, that means so much.


  9. Good on you for writing your own opinion! Although I don’t agree with your viewpoint, I can understand your argument and I think you’ve shown courage to post this.

    I am happy for Caitlyn – she chose to be who she is now and I think that’s great for her. But I do think it will be a difficult time emotionally for all her family and the media coverage won’t help. People want to use Caitlyn as a positive example and on one hand, yes I would like her to be an example to others who are struggling but on the other hand, it’s perhaps unrealistic as Caitlyn had the money and publicity to assist whereas the average person will likely not. And as some others have said, Caitlyn will likely make money and further publicity deals from this, which I don’t think is the right way to set an example.

    The other thing I find hard – not just with this story but with all stories covered by the media – is how much we place emphasis on individual people and their lives. Caitlyn is brave on many levels, but where are the stories of the brave, selfless individuals who saved lives today? Or who sacrificed their personal wealth to help others? Or your neighbour who took on their greatest fears to raise money for charity?

    Michelle -x-

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    1. I liked the points you made in your comment. I thought the same thing. It’s unrealistic to say, as he said, that he’s the “new normal,” when not everyone has the money he has to make such a drastic change to their body.

      It makes me sad what the media uplifts and all the great, heartwarming, encouraging stories (that there are NO controversies on) get thrown to the side. . . Do you think this could ever change? I can’t think of a solution, but I don’t know much about the news world. Perhaps controversy is what sells.


  10. Well written, Rebekah.
    I wish all discussions on these hot, emotional topics could be as reasonable as this one.

    To those that say, “if it makes him/her/them happy and it isn’t hurting anyone…” I would like to bring up those caught in addictions. They are doing what makes them happy. Be it alcohol, marijuana, porn, video games, over-eating, sex, or whatever other addiction.
    We on the outside can see the destructive patterns and hopeless end, but they would likely say, “it makes me happy, why can’t you just be happy that I am happy?” The reason we can’t be happy for an addict is that we love them and want them to stop harming themselves and start healing.
    As for Jenner, I believe what Jenner is suffering is little different that an addict. What exactly is Jenner’s problem I cannot say, as I do not know Jenner well, but I can recognize harmful destructive behavior.
    Jenner needs our love and support, as do all hurting and sick individuals, but we shouldn’t condone these actions any more than we should condone the actions of those caught in addictions. Happiness shouldn’t be the ONLY reason for someone to do something.

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    1. I hadn’t thought of Jenner’s “being happy” the same as an addict’s “being happy”. The comparison is genius and makes an excellent description of how I feel on the matter.

      It honestly has absolutely nothing to do about “being happy.” I suppose in my case it has everything to do with being the only one with the courage to stand up and say that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.


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