Spring Fashion Lookbook 2015

Spring fashion lookbook secondhand clothes

Fashion and thrift shopping. Those words make me happy. And the word candy. And the word clearance.

Anyways, I realized I haven’t done a fashion lookbook since Valentines Day, so I’m due.

In case you’re wondering, yes it is still spring. I Googled it.

So bring on the pastels, pearls, and lace! From my second-hand closet, to you.

Outfit #1

My first outfit is exactly what I wore for Easter Sunday, and one of the few articles in my closet that are pastel. I’ve never really liked pastel.

However, I couldn’t take my eyes off this striped, sweater-shirt, dress. It was $1.95 at the thrift store, and it wanted to come home with me.

I paired it with my grandma’s pearls, and a chunky brown belt with matching heels.

Jewelry pearls, pastels

Pastel sweater dress belt

Easter dress outfit

Because the sweater-shirt was too short to be a dress, I layered it over a white floral, detailed pencil skirt.

I love the look of the knitted material over the embroidered flowers. Very spring-like.

Also, who doesn’t love a good pastel over bleached jeans.

Detailed floral skirt

Pastel and jeans

Outfit #2

I’ve had friends ask me to describe my style. After a few minutes of us staring blankly into space with no answers, they refocus their eyeballs and decide my style is just “Rebekah.”

I love this boho look. I used to wear a ring on every finger, then my piano teacher yelled at me. I still do it every once and I while.

Boho rings

My every day rings I wear on my ring fingers. One is gold and one is silver. I may not be rebellious enough to totally mix gold and silver, but I will wear them at the same time.

Boho look

Boho sequin detail

Boho bells back tie

Boho wet hair

Boho sandal wedges

My pretty boho top was under $2 and the lose skinny jeans (that I wear almost every single day) were supposed to be $2, but the sweet old lady only charged me $1!

Gotta love thrift stores when there’s a sweet old lady in charge.

My wedge sandals were from Target, and lately I’ve been liking a pale blue polish on my toes. Is that weird? I feel like red and pink are toenail colors. I may be overthinking this.

Outfit #3

This is the one outfit, maybe in my whole collection, that I purchased all at the same time.

There were no doubts about it. I saw the outfit put together in my head, and it was something beautiful.

I floated over to the counter on eagles’ wings and purchased a $5 bag, then I began stuffing.

If you didn’t know, some thrift stores have a promotion where you buy the bag, and as much as you can fit into the bag is all yours for $5.

Lace sleeve

Slip dress lace

I purposely made these photos fuzzy so that they’d look more dream-like and romantic.

In case you were wondering.

Slip dress lace side shot

Slip lace and vintage belt

This old slip dress was so pretty. I didn’t care to think too much about hygiene or where it had been or think that some poor soul could have possibly died in their sleep wearing it.

All I could think of was: preeetty dress.

It cinches perfectly at the waist. I used a vintage belt that wasn’t too flashy. Let’s not forget the corduroy blazer I also scored in my $5 bag haul.Slip dress lace under cordorouy blazer

I finished the look with some huge green, vintage earrings, and my wingtip heels.

Slip dress jewlery

Slip dress lace, vintage shoes

I honestly love this outfit, but I’d never wear it in public. It’s way too short, and thin. You can see right through it, and if I were to wear it on a windy day, I’d be in trouble.

These are the kind of things fashion bloggers don’t typically tell you, but hey, it is a pretty outfit, and I had to share. Especially for spring, anything flowy and lacey is just perfect for spring. I’m a fan.

Slip lace detailing

I hope you enjoyed this Spring Fashion Lookbook. As always, thank you so much for reading!

If there’s anything you take away from this blog post, I hope it is: Give Rebekah candy. Don’t wear see-through clothes. And beware of dresses and wind. You may quote me.

14 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Lookbook 2015

  1. I love your style. Outfit two is definitely more my style than the others, but you look fab in all three. Also, see-through clothes are my pet peeve. Why do they exist? If I wanted the world to see my underwear, I wouldn’t bother getting dressed.


  2. I normally think of pink and red as toenail colors too, but I’ve honestly been painting mine light blue all spring, haha. I guess if that’s weird, then I’m weird too. Great outfits! 🙂 It’s a shame that the dress in the last one is see-through/short, it’s really pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. HI, aww all the outfits are so pretty! But I do love the dress the most, it’s gorgeous. I find the only way to really wear see-through dresses, is wear tank top/vests underneath! Oh and a tip for you that I always go by, never wear lipgloss when it’s windy! I even had a fly stick to my lip once in the windy! Not pleasant 😦 Lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol yea it was pretty gross, it was just a tiny fly so I just wiped it off with a tissue! But I’m forever getting my hair stick to my lips in wind weather too :-/ lol That’s a good idea too, about the skin color underwear 🙂


      2. Lol ew I’m so sorry! Funny enough, my biggest concern in the wind has never been my lipgloss, but holding onto my skirt so I don’t Merilyn Monroe anybody. 😁


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