#GetToKnowMe Friday: I Love Anime Movies

I Love Anime Movies

I am dubbing today #GetToKnowMe Friday.

Because it’s Friday. . .

And you’re getting to know me. Tada!

I mentioned it briefly in my The Different Faces Of Makeup post that I’m an anime fan. You could say a ‘closet’ anime fan until this point, but I’m coming out of the closet!

I made it weird. . . Sorry.

Bad joke, Rebekah. Bad joke.

I didn’t realize I was an anime fan for the longest time. I mean, I’d collect Pokemon cards, and I still know the theme song by heart, but I thought to be an anime fan meant you were hardcore. I’m talking about owning all the plushies and T-shirts, and chopping your hair off to look like your favorite character. Hardcore.

I love anime

In the past couple years, the only anime movies I honestly watch are by Hayao Miyazaki. His are the best.

Knowing this, I’ve decided to give you a speed round of movie reviews/summaries, Rebekah-style.


My childhood dreams in a film. She’s thirteen, gets to experience life on her own, has a talking cat, and she can fly. Oh, and she gets a job in a bakery.

Kiki, why can’t I be you?!

A wonderful coming of age story about understanding what the unique calling for your life is.

She also gets followed around by a strawberry blond cyclist, so yeah. My childhood dreams in a film.

This was the movie that started it all.


The prettiest movie ever. It’s gorgeous. There is so much detail that you’ll forget you’re watching a ‘cartoon’.

Fun fact: it’s based off a crazy imaginative book.


This came out in 1988, so it’s possible you’ve seen dolls or pictures of Tontoro and didn’t know it was a movie.

I think this is honestly the movie that “started it all” for a lot of people, best described as a classic.

(I also heard this weird theory that Mae is actually dead, and that’s why she can see Tontoro while no one else can, has anyone heard about this?)


She’s a reader, trying to figure out life outside the fiction books. He’s a violinist who seems to have everything figured out.

Kind of cheesy, but if you’re a writer, you can definitely relate.

Features the voices of Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect) and Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical).


You’ll never get that song out of your head.


If you’re a girl, you’ll want her hair. If you’re a boy, you’ll want his life.

No one’s scared of heights in this movie.

And for some reason, crystal will possess a whole knew meaning.


You think your dreams are bad? This girl lives it.


Don’t watch with Grandma in the room.


Those are only some of the most memorable movies. There are so many more.

Don’t judge my lifestyle choices, but I’m a few movies away from owning the whole collection.

Gotta catch ’em all?

What I’d love to know is if anyone feels the same love and devotion toward these movies as I do. It would stink if absolutely no one understood the movie references through this entire post.

Poor little neglected anime post, don’t worry. Your fans are out there, somewhere. And you’ve still got me.

8 thoughts on “#GetToKnowMe Friday: I Love Anime Movies

  1. Kiki’s Delivery Service and Spirited Away are two of my favorite movies!! The only other one I’ve seen of the one’s you’ve listed is Howl’s Moving Castle, which I also loved, but I have been meaning to watch the some of these others for the longest time. I definitely love movies like this!

    xo Kelsey


  2. I love Studio Ghibli and have seen pretty much every film from them with Howl’s Moving Castle being one of my favs (I am so in love with Howl haha). I also study Japanese at uni so sometimes watch the films for revision!



  3. I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI FILMS 😄😄😄😄 They’re amazing- Howl’s Moving Castle is my favourite- although so is Arrietty, Whisper of the Heart, Totoro, Spirited Away… love them all Xxxx


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